Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Sandwich Generation

Caregiving constant between young and old.


Back in the sandwich generation this weekend.  My mom came up to our house on Thursday and stayed so my DD could finish up Art Camp on Friday and go to her best friend from school’s birthday party today.  We will then head back to my mom’s house for tonight and tomorrow night to help her get packed and ready for her move to an Assisted Living facility that is only five minutes away from my sister and 30 minutes closer for me.  It has been a tiring visit already, between an overly tired six year old (staying up too late on these summer nights) and an overly annoying puppy (who has not been calmed at all by getting spayed earlier this week) and my mom being nervous and upset about moving and constipated from her pain medication (sorry, hope that isn’t an over share), I am once again totally exhausted.  My DD also seems to be developing a yeast infection (side effect of her anti-rejection drugs) that is not very pleasant too.  Sigh…

So, I have to get dressed now and go to a birthday party.  I’m hoping it will be appropriate to drop her off and that she will be okay with that, but its hard to say.  Sometimes she is fine with me leaving her places and sometimes she is not.  We’ll see what it is today.  We still have to get a present (because we are always woefully unprepared for these things) and get my mom some Milk of Magnesia and get my DD some swimming floaties so she doesn’t drown (she is going back to swim lessons on Monday and I am really hoping she can be water safe by the end of this month, but right now, not so much) and the birthday party is a swim party in their backyard.  I’m hoping that the pool isn’t very deep, but I have no idea.  Oh – and lots of sunscreen needs to be applied – another side effect of her meds is sunburn and long term, skin cancer.  As if her totally white skin and blond hair weren’t enough already.

Well, need to get going.  Hope you have a good weekend.