My Crazy Kindle Library and Challenge for Year 47

I have always been a collector of books.  I have books in multiple places in my house, shelves of them in my office at work and I will often visit Barnes and Noble just to wonder around and touch books.  It is kind of an obsession.  I got a Nook way back when they first came out, but I missed the feel of the books.  I missed turning the pages.  The smell of the paper.  But, really, I just liked touching the books, not actually reading them.  So, I would buy books and put them on shelves and there they would sit.  I think my friends and family have read more of my books than I have (I am a generous book lender).  So, I forced myself to stop buying books.  But, then when I got my iPad (free through work), I discovered the Kindle reader app and I could collect books, many for free, and not have them piled up anywhere.  They were all there…inside my Kindle…should I ever want to actually read them.  But, I didn’t have the guilt of looking at them.  They were hidden away.  Out of sight.  There wasn’t a lot of reading, but I didn’t feel guilty about them.


My kindle list of books is a mish mash of genres.  I have fiction, non-fiction, lots of mysteries, some recipe books, quite a few parenting books.  Just a whole lotta literature there!  So, today, I took my iPad to swim lessons and I sorted the books alphabetically, which is basically totally random.  And I started reading the first book.  And I’m going to see what I can get through in my crazy kindle list over the next year (tomorrow is my birthday).

I am a little shocked to say I am 47.  That seems so….well, old.  🙂  I realize that it should have been obvious that I was getting to be that old, but it still seems way to close to 50 for me.  I don’t feel like a 47 year old.  Having a six year old is probably a big part of that, but not having achieved a lot of what I would consider a middle aged person to have achieved in life is also part of it.  I mean, I have a career that I love, but even it seems somewhat underperforming when I look at the fact that I am a Part Time Faculty (although, I’m not, that is what I’m categorized as) and that I am not really looking at a lot of space for advancement (I don’t need that as much as I need the stable benefits with my DD’s health) and that I haven’t really figured out how to make my life work without a lot of chaos (despite what I consider to be my best attempts).  So, yeah.  Here I am.  Entering my 47th year without a whole lot more to show for it than when I started this blog two years ago.  I’m not disappointed persay.  I just feel like I’m underperforming in most aspects of my life.  And 47 seems like a good year to challenge myself.  I’m still shy of 50 (which seems like a rather intimidating number as an age), which gives me some time to make things a little better.  A chance to shine a little.  A chance to, as the blog title reads, BE MORE!

So, I’m starting with the As in my crazy Kindle Library as a bit of a challenge to start reading.  A lot.  And to get something out of that reading.  Enjoyment.  Education.  Experiences.  Whatever it is, I’m going to look in the book.  I will probably mix in some actual paper-based books as the year goes on.  But, I’m going to focus my efforts on the Crazy Kindle Libary (CKL).  I’ll post updates here and let you know how the reading is going and what I’m loving, learning and living because of the CKL.  It has stuck my fancy.

The first book I’m reading is one called Abandon by Blake Crouch.  Not to be confused with the trilogy series by Meg Cabot.  The beginning definitely sucked me in and I’m hooked.  I can’t wait to find out what happened in Christmas 1893 that left only a small, murderous child alive.  Paranormal, mystery and relationships.  Sounds like a good read to me!

So, tomorrow I am going out to dinner with friends and then to the Concert in the Park downtown where some “Honky Tonk” band will be playing.  I’ve scheduled a sitter, six of us are going and I’m actually looking forward to it.  So, here’s to year 47, as old as it seems, I’ll live it to the fullest.