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Five Minute Friday – Ten (on a Saturday)

Participating in another Five Minute Friday this Friday.  I’m a bit late because yesterday was my birthday and I went out with friends.  I started this blog two years ago and its been a bit of a chaotic mess of ideas on here, but I think I’ve finally found some focus and hope to get that going in this new year of mine.  But, Five Minute Friday will stay as I love this weekly focused writing exercise and reading other blogger’s posts on the subject matter.  So, without further ado:


 This week’s prompt is a little different.  The number “ten”.  So, here goes:

Ten.  It is probably one of the most popular numbers in the first 100 to be sure.  Everyone loves a good “Top Ten” list.  But, it is also a milestone marker.  Making it to ten years – in a job, in a marriage, past a diagnosis, etc. are all to be celebrated.  But, in the grand scheme of things, ten is not all that big of a number.  Especially when you’re approaching five of them in your lifetime.  Ten years seems like such a significant amount of time, but its only 20% of my life to this point (almost).  It is only 1/5 of all the time I’ve spent on this earth.  That’s a bit striking.

But, ten becomes almost more meaningful at this point because I am approaching an age where every additional 10 years is not a guarantee (not that any of them are guarantees, but at some point, the likelihood starts to diminish from what it used to be).  So, it seems particularly important to make every year count.  Ten years from now, my DD will be sixteen.  With her health history, even at the ripe age of six, there are no guarantees.  So, it has made me only more aware of the importance of time spent in quality and meaningful activity and togetherness and enjoyment.  Not that I want her to feel the pressure, but I feel it.

Ten.  It is a small number in the grand scheme of things, but it can be a big deal when there are no guarantees.


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