Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Happy Birthday

Birthdays should be celebrated not denied.

As someone who is reaching an age (okay, is probably well past the age) where people want to start “forgetting” their birthdays or lying about the number of birthdays they’ve had or whatever it is we do as we age, I’m going to buck the system.  I’m 47 as of yesterday.  I celebrated with dinner out and then froyo (we’re a wild bunch, us girls).  I’m happy to see my 47th birthday as a relatively healthy individual with a happy marriage, a great little girl, strong family connections, etc.  Not everyone gets 47 birthdays.  None of us are promised a certain number and we don’t know what number will be our last.  But, every year brings something new, something exciting, something fun, something hard, something boring, something old…and I don’t want to miss any of that.

So, I’m celebrating, not denying it.  I had another birthday.  My 47th.  And life is pretty good and hopefully getting better.  And I hope that those around me will have more birthdays to celebrate as well.

Here’s to your next birthday.  May it be celebrated!

10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Happy Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday! I am 10 months in to my 47th year and so far it’s been pretty good! I’m hoping that 48 will be even better!


  2. Love your attitude to this getting older malarkey. I’ve been 39 for a good few years but really will be 30/17 this year. I still celebrate, just lie about my age. . . until I’m 50 when Hubby has already said he’ll take me to New York to celebrate. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go so I’m holding him to it, whether he has to rob a bank to do it. 🙂 Happy Birthday! xx


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