Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Try

I am participating in another Five Minute Friday over at Kate Montaug’s blog.  Join us for a quick writing exercise and tons of friendly readers!


This week’s prompt is “try”.  So…here goes:

I am a big “trier” if there is such a word. I try a lot of things.  I try to change things.  I try to keep the house clean.  I try not to fall behind in getting things done.  I try to have routines.  The problem is that I am not a succeeder (again, is there such a word?).  I try to do things all the time, but I can’t quite succeed.  Or at least, not for very long.  I was talking to myself today about how much I want Fall to be different (yes, I talk to myself…hopefully that is not going to scare any of you away).  I want to be more on top of things.  And I admitted that we are a family that totally lacks discipline.  I don’t mean that my child is out of control – she’s actually pretty well behaved.  I mean that we have no self-discipline.  We don’t do things we should.  We say we’re going to do things and we don’t follow through.  I’m afraid we all have a bit of ADD – we are easily distracted.  We have problems finishing things we’ve started.  We like to pile things up rather than putting them away.  We are…well, lazy, for lack of a better word, about our family obligations.

So, I want to change all that.  I don’t want to try to change them.  I want to actually change them.  I figure I need a RIGID schedule with assigned time to things I want to get done everyday.  It sounds painful, but I feel like it is the only way to actually produce anything other than feeble attempts at change.  And I NEED change.  I know that if I actually got into a routine and got used to doing things on a schedule, I would be fine with it.  I would feel better about things.  I would get more done.  I would enjoy things with my family.  I would have time to do things with friends.  I would spend less money.

So, I’m letting go of the word “try” this Fall.  Instead, I’m going to do.  And do.  And do.  Self-discipline is my focus for Fall.


That’s it.

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Try”

  1. You can join the Five Minute Friday part all year round too here s how. This post is a late night, last minute linkup to Five Minute Friday an incredible community of writers who take five minutes to pour out their hearts on the page.


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