Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Life Goes On

Life goes on…and on. Thankfully.

So, the week has continued since my mom’s death.  Nothing much has changed except for thinking I should call her when things happen, and me realizing that I can’t call her any longer.  She was always my go-to call when things happened or I found out information that I thought should be shared, etc.  Others in my extended family are having health issues too.  Three clogged arteries in one case, requiring stents to be placed this coming week.  A lump in a breast that needs removal, requiring a lumpectomy on Friday.  But, thankfully, neither of those are life threatening conditions and can be repaired.  I am also going to survive my “rash” just fine – it is Guttate Psoriasis, which arises after a strep infection.  So, I will have it for another three weeks or so, am using a topical steroid and will survive, albeit covered in blemishes for three weeks.

I am so thankful that modern medicine exists.  It is what kept my mom alive for the last 30 or so years (she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987).  It is what allowed my DD to survive her heart problems (heart transplant and valve repair and the medicines she now takes).  It is what will fix the heart of my family member.  It is what will take care of the lump early to prevent further spread in my other family member.  Thankfully, we have access to medicine and practitioners who can do amazing things for our loved ones.  For that reason, and that reason only in some cases, life does go on and on.  And for that, I am thankful.

9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Life Goes On”

  1. Thankful for meds! As an asthma sufferer, without my inhalers, I doubt I’d be here today. That’s a scary thought. And so glad we have a free healthcare service too after a serious op late last year. It’s a lovely positive post with all that you’re going through. x


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