That’s about all I can muster this morning.  A sigh.  A tired, defeated and slightly exhausted sigh.


I was supposed to be doing a week long workshop next week at one of my campuses, then my DD starts school the next week, then I start teaching the following week, then my husband travels again the following week.  It was all already starting to get to me.  I need some time to regroup as a family.  My husband gets home tomorrow after being gone for seven weeks, the family member I spoke about earlier this week having a lump in her breast now has to get three more biopsied that showed up on the MRI (they did not show up on the Mammogram – makes me feel like we should just get MRIs then), we need to spend some time cleaning out my mom’s house in the next few weeks, and I’m still prepping for classes and now have a new prep to do which neither instructor who currently teaches it has responded to my request for a syllabus or teaching materials.  So, I’m regrouping today…here’s what I’m doing to save my sanity and hopefully move past the sigh stage:

  1. I’m going to write and tell the workshop I can’t make it.  I think I have a pretty legitimate reason with my mom passing away a week ago.  Its just too much with everything else right now.  I feel like I need some family time with my husband and DD before I head back to work and she heads back to school and we start our Fall traveling for work again.  I just need some family relaxation and enjoyment and time to decompress.
  2. I’m going to finish cleaning in the house today and then start a maintenance schedule – daily, weekly and monthly tasks that should keep it relatively clean.  I am NOT going to let it spiral out of control again.  I am NOT.
  3. We are probably going to travel to my in-laws for a few days and then my BIL and SIL and their baby are coming up the end of next week.  So, we’ll get some extended family time in before heading back to school.
  4. I will schedule a time with my sister to go down to my mom’s (much easier with the time off next week) and clean some things out.
  5. I will get the taxes done and mailed off and start tracking our spending to have a better financial year this year.
  6. I will spend some time prepping for classes and reading next week since I won’t have so much to do around the house and I’m sure that DD and DH will want to spend some quality time together.
  7. I am going to use the pedicure that my DD and DH got me for mother’s day (finally) as soon as the psoriasis on my legs clears up (it is getting much better, so hopefully by the end of next week).
  8. I am going to menu plan for the next month or so.  I’m working right now on the easiest way to do that and then can do the shopping and figure out the easiest way to implement it.  It will make me happy to have a plan for meals and not waste so much food.

That’s it.  Mostly just family, relaxation and tasks to reduce my stress once school starts in a couple of weeks. I can’t believe the summer is almost over.  I really feel like this is the lost summer…but, it will be only a blip on the grand scheme of things.  It will be good to have some time to make some family memories next week before DD goes on to 1st Grade!  Holy cow…she’s in numbered grades!

That’s what I’m doing…other than sighing…

7 thoughts on “Sigh…”

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I am definitely trying to do some things for myself this week. Pedicure, haircut and some quiet reading time. I also am going to try to go to a nice dinner with the hubby now that he is home.


  1. I hear your sigh. Sighs are good, they can stimulate us to take a break. I am caught up in a big sigh also and am taking a break from my facebook page and blog. I don’t know how long the break will last but I think when the sigh is over I’ll be ready to get back to my routine. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like your plate is full. Condolences to you on the loss of your mother. I pray peace in your heart as you go through the grieving process. ❤


    1. Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful reply. I’m sorry to hear you are in a sigh stage as well, but it sounds like you have done what you need to do. I am currently emptying my email inbox (had over 5000 emails and I’m down to just over 1000 since last night – so much stuff I don’t need to read) and unsubscribing to silly stuff I don’t need in my life. Realizing I need to do the same with paid subscriptions to some things and just clear the non-touchable clutter from my life right now. I hope that your sigh is helpful and when it is over you feel better!

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      1. Same here. I am letting stuff go, giving up subscriptions I don’t even care about, no longer reading and giving time to that which does not serve my highest good, and deleting a lot of emails. It feels like the time is right.


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