Weekly Goals – Attempting to Stay on Track

Well, in the interest of staying on track with my overall priorities (and post on the blog, too) AND participate over on Money Saving Mom (from the blogger who wrote my current favorite life-changing book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life – I know, I’m a little bit obsessed, but it really has made a difference for me already) for the weekly goals link up, I’m going to make some goals for this week.

My weekly goals

I have divided the goals into my priority areas.  I’m still working on the goal setting part of the book, but I feel pretty secure in the priority areas and what I can do in the short term to focus on achieving some of the things I want in each of those areas.


  • Eat all dinners at the table together unless I’m working (which will be Friday, Saturday and Wednesday nights this coming week).  We’ve been doing this every night and I am AH-mazed at the amount of talking my 6 yo DD does about her day.  I’m really enjoying it.
  • Have a game afternoon/night with my DD and my hubby.  It will probably have to happen on Sunday this week as it is a pretty busy week.  But, I want to fit it in for sure.
  • Do a family walk three times.  This is something I really wanted to have already started, but something seems to get in the way.  So, I really need to make it a priority.


  • Finish my class preps (this is a BIG undertaking that I really need to focus some time and effort on over the next few days) and get the Blackboard set up for all of the classes.
  • Get my email boxes (specifically my two work emails, but also work on my personal gmail) to ZERO!


  • Schedule annual exam with doctor, be sure to get a full workup.
  • Call and reschedule teeth cleaning for Mac and make an appointment for myself.
  • Get a pedicure (decreasing stress).


  • Go to church this week.
  • Send cards out (I have a list of four cards I need to send)
  • Schedule a date with my hubby – we’re having people over on Saturday for a BBQ, but I’d like to do dinner out without the DD as well.  I don’t think we will actually be able to HAVE the date this week, but I want to get it on the calendar.


  • Finish decluttering the house (this is another big undertaking, but I’ve got the kitchen, dining room and living room mostly done, so its coming along).
  • Do MOMS app daily.
  • Follow posted routines for morning, afternoon and evening (I made routines for both my DD and myself – I’ve been good at reminding her of hers, but not so good at sticking with mine).

It is quite a bit, but I look forward to seeing what I can do this week!  I’ll check in again next Monday or Tuesday and report on what got done!  Wish me luck!