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Five Minute Friday – Find

I’m joining Five Minute Friday over on Heading Home again this week.  Its a five minute writing exercise using the prompt provided and the community is wonderfully supportive.  Join us if you’d like!  Be sure to post your link over at the linkup!


Here goes:

The first thing I think of when I read the word “find” is searching.  Maybe that is a sign of where I am in my life.  After all, it could just as easily mean something good you’ve come across already – a great “find” in the thrift store or book store.  But, for me – it is searching.  I seem to be searching for a lot of things these days…peace, comfort, stability, simplicity, organization, etc., etc.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve found one and then BAM! something knocks me back into the searching mode.

But, maybe this is a stage.  After all, we rarely find anything worth finding without first having to search for it.  I guess there are always those strange instances of instant satisfaction with something we just happen to come across, but most of the time we have to go out there and look for what we want.  Work for what we want.  Dig and dig until we get what we want.

When I competed in debate in college and when I wrote my graduate thesis, the searching was always my favorite part.  I would start re”search”ing a topic and I would be down the rabbit hole of search terms and dewey decimal (dating myself) numbers for the library and citations that would lead to even more things.  I viewed it as both a challenge and an adventure.  Never knowing quite what I would find, I would set out searching with an open mind and a total geek mentality!  Once found, it was never quite as satisfying to have to sit down with it all and try to make it into something usable for the purposes of academic debate or academic writing.  The search was the fun part.

Perhaps that is where I am in my life right now.  The search is what I’m finding to be exciting and challenging and fun, but when I find something that I need to make into something usable in my everyday life, it becomes a little less satisfying.  Its more drudgery at that point.  Perhaps I need to focus as much on the “finds” themselves and stop searching.  At some point, I had to write my debate arguments or my papers or my thesis (and that took a while to get started – not much time to finish, but a loooooong time to actually get started).  At some point, I have to start acting on my organizing, simplifying, stabilizing, etc.


That was a little more than five minutes today – just needed to finish that last thought before signing off.  Hope to see you over at Five Minute Friday!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Find”

  1. Your thoughts echoed mine. When I first started my post, I was contemplating the same things you were, finding versus searching and the find or treasure you stumble across. Great minds. Halfway through, I didn’t like what I had written at all and found something coming out of me that I hadn’t intended to write at all, but it needed to be written. Alas, I did take more than 5 minutes, but it was too important to me to stop without doing it justice. Good post!!


  2. Dewey Decimal- haha. I’m older than you, Sue. I remember when books were written on papyrus. Haha
    May you find everything you’re looking for.
    I was exactly the same way with my papers- a procrastinating expert!


  3. The word drudgery is one of those words that sounds like what it means. If too many things are in the drudgery stack, it does wear you down. I think we need a tiny celebration for ticking things off our drudgery list – hot tea in a favorite chair, e.g.


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