Returning with Renewed Focus

Well, it has been a while since I posted.  And even before then, I had not been posting regularly.  Once again, my Fall Frenzy of a schedule piled up on me and things I care about other than work and keeping my house up fell to the wayside, including this blog.  But, I went to a retreat last weekend sponsored by the Women’s Ministry at my church and realized that I need to view this blog (and some other things in my life) as an “open door” that has been provided by God and which I can choose to walk through or stand outside of, saying I don’t have enough time or it just isn’t that important.  I have an opportunity to do more with this blog and my words and I do love to write and interact with other bloggers and such.  So, in honor of recognizing this “open door” and walking through it, I am going to participate in BlogHer’s November NaBloPoMo to get back in the groove and share a few things about myself.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

I’m also going to be getting back to the basics of the blog – Being More in Your 40s and beyond.  There are a few areas of my life where I need to “Be More,” so I will be focusing on those for a bit:

Being more….healthy.

Being more…wealthy.

Being more…intentional.

I think everything fits within those categories – there are a number of sub-categories, but they all would fit within those larger categories.  NaBloPoMo has daily post ideas, so I will probably use those for some of the days, but I would like to move out of November with at least six posts a week – one for each of the areas listed above, a Five Minute Friday, a Six Word Saturday and some kind of review post.  I will then take Sunday off unless I have something really important to say (one of my health things is realizing I need “rest” in my week – I can’t take every Sunday off because my job often has me working on that day, but I am trying to take breaks from responsibilities during the week when I can if I don’t have Sunday off – so Sundays will be my break from blogging).

So, what am I talking about in each area?

First, health: Well, I need to take better care of myself.  I am constantly chiding myself on my lack of exercise and poor eating and lack of rest, but I never have done much about it.  I’m not going overboard and trying to change everything, but I would like to commit November to resting more (getting more sleep and taking those breaks from work, etc. during each week).  That’s it for November.  Not going crazy with change over here.

Second, wealth: I need to get on top of our budget and I need to consider ways of increasing income.  I feel like I’ve had opportunities put in front of my the past few years and I’ve refused to take advantage of them out of fear of having even more change (even good change at some point becomes overwhelming when your life seems to be only about change).  I want to be more aware of those opportunities and start trying to take advantage of them.  As we discussed at our retreat, I want to walk through those open doors rather than slamming them closed and running away out of fear.  I feel like some of those have to do with wealth for sure.  It is an area of my life I struggle with being totally open and comfortable.

Third, intentional:  There are a lot of things in this area for me.  But, it all boils down to not living from moment to moment with no intentionality.  Or planning and planning but never doing.  I want to live life with intention, which means I need to simplify some things in my life and then focus on making other things more prominent. I need to be present and do things that are memorable, valuable and meaningful.  I need to declutter my life, specifically all the things I have in my house and all the things on my to-do list.  I want to do things with purpose and intention and meaning.

Speaking of which, my daughter just asked me to play Candyland.  Something I would have said no to before.  But, if I am living with intention and purpose, I need to make time to be present in her life and DO things WITH her.   So, here I go…see you everyday in November!


4 thoughts on “Returning with Renewed Focus”

  1. Welcome back, Sue! Wow, 6 days a week is a lot! I can only do 5.
    I love all 3 areas of your focus.
    Health applies to everything! The healthier I get, the better I do at everything.
    I believe the same way, that blogging has an ultimate purpose, and for me that is leading people to Christ.
    Take care of yourself, and see you soon.


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