Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness

I am joining in the Thankfulness Challenge over at Gods Growing Garden:


In this, you post one thing you are thankful for each day for one year.  I thought it seemed pretty kismet that I read about it tonight since our sermon at church today was all about not just being thankful in November (a time when we typically highlight our thankfulness), but living life thankfully all year long.  So, this seems like a good exercise to remind me to do just that.

So, as my first bit of thankfulness on this first day of the month of thanks, I would like to recognize my thankfulness for my church.  This morning I spent an hour plus in church while my DD enjoyed herself at Sunday school and then I spent another hour chatting with another mom while my DD took part in her first day of Children’s Choir.  My DD is pretty hesitant when it comes to doing new things and Children’s Choir was no different.  She didn’t really want to do it.  But, I encouraged her because I know she loves to sing and our church always seems to have the perfect people doing their children’s activities.  This was no different.  I stuck around because my DD didn’t want me to leave and she was very nervous.  But, she did great and I was able to enjoy an hour chatting with another mom who I have met in passing when volunteering before, but had not really spent much time talking with before today.  It was wonderful.  I love that I can feel confident that whatever we get involved with at the church is going to be enjoyable.  I love that people are friendly and welcoming and just plain nice.  So, today, I am thankful that we were able to find this church and that I was convinced to stay despite questioning if it was really the place for us not too long ago.  Now I can’t wait for the Christmas show to see my DD sing in the big church!

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