Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Days 7 and 8

Well, I didn’t even make it a week without missing a day. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬†I don’t know why it is sometimes so difficult to get a post in, but yesterday was one of those days. ¬†First of all, my DD woke up sick – running a fever (well, really she went to bed running a fever and was still running a fever in the morning) and with a runny nose. ¬†So, I had to cancel our plans for selling nuts with the girl scout troop at Lowe’s, which was very disappointing to my DD. ¬†We also found out that my MIL has to go in for surgery (again…this is her third since the original surgery two months ago) on Tuesday, so we had to make plans for my husband being gone again (he just got back from a trip last Sunday). ¬†Luckily, our go-to sitter is available tomorrow and Tuesday because my DD is on short days for parent-teacher conferences this week, so tomorrow was going to be rough if she wasn’t available. ¬†So, yeah, yesterday, I just never got on to do the thankful thing. ¬†I probably really needed to considering the day. ¬†But, today, I’m back and I’m going to do two for the price of one!


So, for¬†Day 7 –¬†I’m going to go with the Seven theme and say I’m thankful for our dog (whose name is Seven). ¬†Sometimes she is a total pest and she has chewed up a lot of stuff around our house in the eight and half months we’ve owned her. ¬†But, I really feel a bond with her. ¬†She is definitely “my” dog. ¬†She seeks me out and she listens to me (most of the time) when I tell her to do things. ¬†I love having a dog for multiple reasons, but the biggest one for me is really feeling safe. ¬†Because my husband travels so often and my DD and I are here alone, I would feel much more vulnerable without the dog here. ¬†And when someone new comes around (our neighborhod really – not just our house), she looks very, very scary! ¬†She is a sweet dog really and she has never threatened to actually bite anyone, but she barks like crazy and her hair stands on end and she LOOKS threatening.

There have been some minor crimes in our neighborhood Рcars broken into, someone walking off with something from an open garage and even a break-in next door (although, I think there were some ulterior motives for that that were unique to that house).  So, I feel good about having a dog that is going to make a big stink if anyone comes in to our house unannounced.  I also love her face.




And now, on to Day 8.¬†¬†I am so very thankful for our preschool experience. ¬†My DD is now in First Grade, but her preschool teacher still babysits her quite often, we still are good friends with at least a couple of the families who were at the preschool with us and I feel that although my DD misses quite a bit of school because of illness, flu outbreaks, etc., she is incredibly successful because she was so well prepared through her preschool experience. ¬†I am so very glad we “found” the preschool (totally by chance really – it was a very small, relatively new preschool when I was looking and someone in my mom’s group had heard through the grapevine that it had a spot available). ¬†I put found in quotation marks because I really do feel like God had a hand in placing my DD there.

So, there we are – Day 7 and Day 8 of my thankfulness challenge – all in one day. ¬†I’m sure this won’t be the last time I miss a day in the next 357 days, but I’ll try to keep it consistent. ¬†And now, I have to go clean up a stuffing mess the object of my Day 7 thanks has made in the living room by eating the face off of one of my DD’s favorite Beanie Boos. ¬†Thankfully, she is already in bed and probably will not notice it being gone…