Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 10

Well, I’ve made it through to my middle of the week, day off (tomorrow is a day off for Veteran’s Day).  I am still far, far behind in grading.  I am hoping to press through tonight and get some things done, but now I’m reconsidering.  Maybe I’ll go to bed and get up early (the dog will wake me up early no matter what it seems – the time change has not sunk in for her).  I just am not feeling terribly productive this evening and a morning work session seems much more likely to result in some valuable accomplishments.  But, before I go to bed, I need to do my Thankful post for the day!


Today I am thankful for my DD being in a wonderful, caring elementary school.  I had a hard time deciding on an elementary school.  Our neighborhood school was a failing school, so we had to Form Ten out of that school into another.  I missed most of the charter school application periods due to my being unprepared (or due, perhaps, to God knowing better what we needed).  I went to my DD’s current school to be put on the waitlist for Form Tens (it is not a charter, but it is not our neighborhood school) and the woman said, “Well, you lucked out.  We just had our last wait list person say no, so you’re in.”  I was shocked, but I really felt like it was just meant to be.  I didn’t try for any other schools.  And it has been great and only seems to be getting better.

For example, her First Grade teacher found out about her extreme fear of going to the office when she is sick.  So, when she got sick at school, she let her sit with their volunteer aid (Grandma Dixie – another great aspect of the school…last year, she had Grandma Nalette as an aid) in the rocking chair in the back until I could get there.  So sweet and understanding.  This week, one of the Kinder teachers who does service projects with her class each year messaged me to ask if it would be okay if her class makes Bean a quilt (each student is decorating their own block for it and the teacher is helping to sew them all together) to take to doctor’s appointments and to have if she has to be in the hospital anymore.  How sweet is that?  In addition, she has the opportunity to do school plays, she has a great Daisy Girl Scout troop and I love that the school looks like my old elementary school!

So, I am thankful for my DD’s elementary school.  It is hard nowadays to find the right school (I have witnessed many disappointments among my friends and acquaintances).  But, I feel like we have truly found our place and I am so very thankful!