Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 19

Some days are easier for thankfulness than others.  That is for sure.  Today is tough.  I’m sick (nasty head cold), my DD is home sick (also nasty head cold), I’m terribly behind in grading, the house is a continual disaster, seemingly unavoidable and although I have next week off at one of my teaching jobs, I still have to teach at the other and my hubby is out of town from Friday morning until Monday night and Tuesday we have to go to a heart clinic appointment at Stanford.  Sigh…

But, my job right now is to be thankful…so, here goes!


Today was a long day, but I’m thankful for an early night for my DD.  She fell asleep about 20 minutes ago.  She usually falls asleep pretty late and she was home from school today, which makes her more likely to be up late since she didn’t burn energy.  And, although she has not felt horrible, she has also not felt great.  She is running a slight temp (upper 99s) and her nose is full of snot.  She complains about her teeth hurting, which I thought was maybe sinuses, but she told me she woke up to them hurting because she was gritting her teeth so hard.  I’ve heard her grinding her teeth every so often.  So, now I think it may be that causing her jaw to hurt.  Who knows?  I do know she is oxygenating well and her heart rate is pretty good (mid 70s), so I’m not too worried about her health.  But, I do wish she would get over this cold.  It just seems to be hanging around.  Not awful, but bad enough to make me not want to send her to school or take her out to do things.  So, I’m hoping it leaves soon and she feels good and we can move on to enjoying the now holiday season.  But, for tonight, I’m just thankful she is asleep early and letting her little body rest and hopefully recover a bit.

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