Make Your Holiday Shopping Pay!

Affiliate links included.  I don’t do a ton of reviews, affiliate links, etc. on my blog because I only want to be “affiliated” with things that I trust and that really are beneficial.  So, I decided to do a little plug for Ebates today and if anyone joins and makes purchases, I will get a “bonus” in my account.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year (maybe) and I won’t be doing any!  I used to work retail when I was in college and I HATED Black Friday!  And that was before everyone was opening up ON Thanksgiving!  But, I hated that so many people would go out shopping and act like the lines and the chaos were unexpected in some way.  I hated that people would be so rude to each other and to the workers (me) in the name of a deal.  And I hated the long hours that it meant (not just on that day, but the remainder of the holiday season – earlier opening and later closings the whole time).  So, I now do not shop on Black Friday.  I haven’t in years.  But, I still love a good deal!

I started using Ebates a while ago, but I didn’t realize just how many places I could use it until I installed their Chrome extension a while back.  This gives me an alert on the top of my screen whenever I land on a website that offers cash back for purchases.  I now have been cashing out well over $100 each quarter (that is how often Ebates pays out – you have an account where the money builds up and it is then transferred into an account of your choice).

I use it for my regular online purchases (which is usually a pretty small amount), but I have also started using it on my hotels.com bookings and that has me getting pretty good amounts of money when I book hotel rooms.  And for Christmas shopping, I will definitely be using it to save a little extra on every online purchase.  If you aren’t already a member of Ebates and plan on doing online shopping or travel purchases for the holidays, get your membership now!  And be sure to install one of their “buttons” for your browser as there are so many retailers who offer Ebates rebates that you may not think would!  You’ll never miss a rebate that way!

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