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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 29

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of November!  I really don’t know where time goes.  But, it goes.  It goes very fast…Today, I’m thankful for our home, which is coming a bit out of spite…


Today, I’m thankful for our home.  It hasn’t been shown much love in the last seven years that we’ve been here.  We aren’t the cleanest of people.  We don’t do maintenance much.  And I’ve become convinced that we should not be homeowners (although we do own a home in So Cal that we rent out, but a management company deals with the maintenance and such down there – we rent here because of that house in So Cal).  My husband would like to buy a home up here.  He is convinced we would take better care of a home that we owned, but I’m not convinced.  So, I’ve been trying to embrace the home we have and show others that it can be nice.  So, today’s post is going to focus on some of the things I am thankful for in our home.

First, I love that we are in a neighborhood where there are kids my DD’s age to play with.  Rarely does a day go buy that if she wants to play with someone she can’t find someone.  And I feel safe letting her outside without direct supervision because we all check on them intermittently; we live on a circle, so we don’t get much traffic; and, the childless neighbors are all very nice to the kids.

Second, I kind of appreciate that our carpet is old and dirty because we seem to constantly be spilling stuff or when the dog was a puppy she would have accidents.  I feel like we aren’t ruining something really nice when life happens.  Of course I would love to have nice, new, clean carpeting, but realistically, it wouldn’t last long.

Third, I love all the natural light our house gets.  We have two big windows in the living room and the sliding glass door.  All of the bedrooms have windows that get light at some point during the day.  We also have high windows in the stair area that gives the stairs and hallway good light.

Finally, I love that we have nice yard areas.  I wish that we took better care of the backyard and could make it nice.  But, it is nice to have plenty of space for the dog and trees and such in our yard.

So, that’s it – my thankful list for our current home.  We won’t be here forever (or maybe even for long), but I’m really going to try to embrace the home we have for all it is while we are here.