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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 30

I can’t believe November is done today and in one month 2016 will be over.  So quick…lots to be thankful for though.


Today I am thankful for seasons.  Right now, we are soaking in Fall colors and wading through fallen leaves around here.  A Winter storm is moving in on Thursday that is supposed to be pretty windy and rainy.  But, it is still Fall.  And although we won’t get any snow here in our city, a short drive up the road about 10 miles will get us to a place that does get it during the Winter months.  We have mild, sometimes wet Springs and hot, hot Summers.  And I love them all.

I lived in So Cal for 10 years after graduating college and the biggest thing I missed was the seasons.  In So Cal, it is pretty much Spring all the time.  The Summer will get hot inland, but then it goes back to Spring.  Sure, there may be a cold day here and there, but most of the time, Christmas is met with 60s or 70s and sunny weather.  It just isn’t a year without some seasonal changes.  I want to change out my clothes, wear different shoes and feel like there is some rhythm to life.

The colors around here are beautiful right now.  Here is a picture from some years ago:

Fall Drive 2007 003

Soon, though, the leaves will be gone – already we have a bare tree in our front yard.  Most of the leaves falling off last night.

I am feeling ready for Christmas with the weather changes.  I am feeling in the rhythm of life.  And I am feeling the loss, but also recognizing that after a dormant Winter those empty spaces will burst forth with new buds, green leaves and a renewal!