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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 33

Well, I’ve missed a couple of days yet again.  I feel like my days this semester are really poorly arranged.  I definitely need to consider this going into next semester.  I like fewer, longer days rather than four days a week that have kind of a crazy schedule.  This will be especially important as I found out I have a third class at my second campus next semester, so three classes at both campuses plus national travel for Speech and Debate.  I am currently working on a list of things I need to do to stay sane, keep a grip on my life and not get so stressed out.  Here’s to the new year and hopefully a less chaotic life in 2016.  But, let’s get to the thankfulness…


Today, I am thankful for dental insurance.  I HATE the dentist.  I mean really, really hate it.  I like our dentist a lot – he’s a great guy.  But the dentist as a concept, I hate.  I’ve had a really bad experience in the past with dentists and it has left me fearful, dreading each visit and I am not a flosser.   But, this week, I had a tooth break off and it exposed a silver filling that is quite sharp.  So, I had to make an emergency visit to the dentist this morning and will have to return for a crown next week.  Turns out that I have another tooth that is cracked and on its way to the same breakage (I guess the silver fillings cause this to happen as teeth age).  So, I have to get two crowns.  The quote for the two crowns with insurance is only $150!  Without insurance, it would have been somewhere around $1500!

So, today, I am thankful to have dental insurance.  It would make it so much worse if I had to pay $1500 for my misery of visiting the dentist.  Instead, I’m getting off cheap for $150 and will not have to scrape my tongue against the sharp filling.