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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 36

Today’s thankfulness is both past and present.  Today, I am thankful for the stability in my life.


It seems weird to identify stability as part of my life, but I realized tonight that it truly is.  Despite the fact that I have a DD who is chronically ill and the past three years have been swept up in dealing with the gradual decline and loss of my parents, my life is pretty stable.  I have lived in the same place for six years.  I have had one of my current jobs for eight years. My years follow a pattern – with the semesters, the same or similar tournaments to travel to, similar summers, etc.

So, why did this suddenly become apparent to me?  Well, our neighbor came over tonight for dinner.  They are having to move because they can’t afford the place next door (they have been there for about a year and a half).  They have not had steady jobs since arriving here a year and a half ago.  Prior to that, they have lived in five or six different places since their son was born (who is just slightly older than our DD).  Prior to that, he lived a life of drug use and crazy behavior in high school.  Although my life has been far from perfect, it has been stable.

I am so thankful for my job and my family and the place we live and our ability to hold those things stable.  Despite the instability in my parents’ health and my DD’s health over the past six years, the rest of my life has been stable.  And without that, I don’t know that I would have been able to get through all the other things…

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