Thankfulness Challenge, Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth – Thankfulness Challenge Edition

I have not done a Tuesday Truth post in a while, but I thought I would bring it back today.  Just to mix things up a bit on the blog.  I am going to combine it with a Thankfulness Challenge post just in case I don’t get back for another post later today.

Tuesday Truth

I have a couple of truths today.

pumpkin spice

My first truth is that coffee is the elixir of the gods.  For those who do not know what elixir means (I had to look it up to make sure I was using it correctly), according to Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary, it is: “a sweetened liquid usually containing alcohol that is used in medication either for its medicinal ingredients or as a flavoring”.  I am currently using Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice creamer, so my coffee is definitely sweetened and although it doesn’t contain alcohol, it is definitely medicinal for me.  I am extremely thankful for coffee and the truth is, I have thought about giving it up, but it is one of my few serious vices.  So, I’m keeping it and I’m enjoying it.

Second, life is short.  Sometimes shorter than we would consider.  A colleague at my University (whom I did not know, but one of my students had as an instructor this semester) passed away yesterday.  She was younger than me.  This is somewhat jolting.  The reason for her death has not been disclosed yet, but someone that young passing away totally unexpectedly is always a shock to the system.  So, as we approach a new year, I am thankful for my life and my health and I hope that it last a good long while.


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