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Five Minute Friday – Reflect

I’m once again participating in Five Minute Friday over at


This week’s prompt is REFLECT:

Although this is a natural time of the year to begin looking forward – to the new year, to a new semester and to new goals, it is also a time to REFLECT on the past – the past year, the past semester and my past goals.  I am often very hard on myself when I reflect.  I tend to focus on the things that didn’t happen, the things that didn’t go well, the things that were not achieved.  I need to make sure that I also include all the things that DID happen, the things that DID go well and the things that DID get achieved.

This past year has been a hard one.  This semester began almost immediately after losing my mom.  And prior to that, the summer was spent dealing with her illness, her inability to find good care, and her constant pain and suffering.  Almost right after the semester began, we discovered that my daughter’s heart is not working as well as it once was.  So, reflecting on that, I am happy that I made it through this semester without too much loss of time or teaching.  I am happy that I DID get to do some fun things with my daughter.  I am happy that I DID achieve some goals I had for staying up with grading better (not great, but better).  I am happy that our Speech and Debate team had a great semester and I was able to be an active part of that.

When I reflect on the last half of this year, I am both sad and satisfied.  I am both disappointed and hopeful.  I am both anxious and confident.  I am both reflective and forward-looking.

Mostly, I am extremely excited about a new year of opportunities!


That’s it.  What about you?  Reflect!