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Day 42 of Thankfulness – Quiet Evenings

Today was a busy, busy day.  I woke up to a disaster in my living room because I had stripped the couch cushions to wash the covers and they weren’t quite dry when I went to bed last night.  So, I had naked couch cushions strewn around my living room (sounds a little rated R) among the rest of the things we usually have strewn around our living room.  I knew we were planning to get our Christmas tree today, so I had to get stuff picked up, furniture moved to make space for a tree and not go crazy doing it all.  My back is sore, my legs hurt and I’m pretty tired, but we did it!

Christmas Tree 2015

It wasn’t necessarily smooth.  I began to realize, as I moved furniture, just how dirty parts of our house are (anything covered up from view).  Under the couches, the window sills hidden behind furniture, the nooks and crannies.  But, we accomplished quite a bit getting the house tree ready!

Only one string of lights was functional, so I had to run out and get more.  We can’t locate the wire hangars for bulbs and we have quite a few that do not have them (I know I had a whole bag full last year).  I stepped on an ornament and broke it.  The dog kept stealing them to try to chew them up.  And we aren’t done putting them up yet, but it looks quite pretty as is.

Tonight we played Yahtzee (last night we played Uno, I am loving the game playing we are doing as a family).  We had tickets to a basketball game at the University, but with my back hurting and all that we had done today, a quiet night was what I wanted.  I put away some laundry to clear a basket for more.  I also organized my scrapbooking paper in a crate (a new way of organizing it).  The Elf on the Shelf has a small, homemade gift to give my DD tomorrow (I had forgotten that she got small gifts last year until she said something about it yesterday – I told her the elf was probably waiting until we had a tree).  It is a bookmark (we read almost two chapters together tonight before she went to bed), some stickers to make a card for someone else “to spread the cheer” as the elf’s note says, and another little Christmas tag I made for scrapbooking many years ago that could also function as a bookmark.  She will probably not be really excited about it, but it was the best I could do under short notice.  Last year I would have the elf bring her stuff she hadn’t seen since the prior year thinking that she would have forgotten and she would say “oh, look what the elf found in the garage.”  She is a smarty pants.  But, hopefully she will like the pretty bookmark and making a card.

I have a lot to do this coming week.  Christmas gifts for teachers and other school workers and colleagues at work.  Final exams and all the grading needing to be DONE!  Obviously, some elf gifts would be good to have on hand.  And we need to do some holiday activities since we’ve been a little remiss this year in doing anything like seeing lights or Santa or anything Christmassy really.  But, for tonight, I got to have a quiet night with family fun and a beautiful tree.  For that, I am thankful.