Lame Duck Week lives up to name…

Well, this Lame Duck Week has lived up to its name thus far.  I have spent most of the week thus far sitting on the reclining end of my in-law’s couch listening to my daughter play her Animal Crossing on her new 3DS (I’m still amazed that we got this for her for Christmas, but she does truly love it).  I’ve graded a considerable amount, but still have a considerable amount to do.  I’ve dealt with some emails, but still have a ton to deal with.  I have played games with my DD, but still have a lot of game playing to do.  Overall, I have felt sluggish, unmotivated and a little depressed.  But, this is par for the course as a year comes to an end.  I did finish a book last night and I hope to maybe finish one more before the end of the year (I’m close to finishing another).  And last night we went and saw the lights at the local living museum.  So, the week has not been a total bust, but I’m feeling less than accomplished.  This is my DD and her cousin ready to go to the living museum.Ready_for_CALM_lights.

Tomorrow, we are heading to my sister’s house (4 hour plus drive) for our third Christmas (we had ours at home, the one here at my in-laws and now we’ll celebrate with my sister and her husband).  I am unsure how we will fit all our stuff in the car on the way home, but we’ll try to figure it out tomorrow morning I guess.  Tomorrow night we will drive on home and unload the mess of stuff we have from Christmas, do some laundry probably,  attend a New Year’s Eve party at our friend’s home, and then pack again for our family trip to Monterey this weekend.  I am hoping that once my grades are turned in I will feel a little less blah.  I am hoping that the trip to Monterey will be made without my computer, so don’t expect any updates on the blog from me.  I really want to spend the weekend enjoying my family, reading, playing games and just RELAXING!

So, that’s where I am this week.  How’s your Lame Duck Week going?