Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Enjoying Rest

February madness is over – calmness ensues.

March is here and there is such a difference between February and March.  I know that March Madness is basketball related, but I always feel like February is my own month of madness.  And it already feels much more peaceful and less chaotic in my life.  Thankful, but also pensive as to when the calmness might end and chaos take over unexpectedly. Hoping that doesn’t happen, but trying to be mentally prepared for it if it does.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Enjoying Rest”

  1. I hope you are mentally prepared too. I get that anticipation and anxiety! It’s hard to embrace the peace of the moment at times. I hope your March is smoother than you think it will be, and I’m sorry February was difficult! My January felt that way. It’s always unpredictable- life.


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