Simplicity Sunday

Simplicity Sunday #10 – Fun(ctional)

I realize this is now being posted on Monday, but I wrote it yesterday, so thought I would leave the title and just post it late.  I realize also that it comes to an abrupt end.  I apologize, but got really tired and decided to stop there.  I’ve added the ever-dreaded “To be continued” at the end and perhaps I will make this a series…some day.  In the meantime…enjoy…


Today has been a good day.  Maybe even a great day.  I took a long walk with the dog this morning.  We went to our friends this afternoon and spent the afternoon evening smoking ribs, eating and playing Settlers of Catan.  We then went to ice cream at our local place and came home.  It was a great way to spend a day that could otherwise be pretty stressful and full of anxiety.  I can tell that all of us are starting to worry about this week.  But, it was nice to spend a day having fun instead of cleaning and packing and stressing out.  We were a functional family having fun.  Something we aren’t always so good at in our day-to-day life.

In a way, I feel like I forgot how to have real fun seven years ago or so.  I find myself always holding back from totally engaging in the fun and frivolity.  Being frivolous is tough when you have a sick child.  I haven’t been one to “let loose” since then.  I used to be.  I used to have a good time quite often.  I knew how to have fun and be functional.  Now, I feel like I sometimes don’t know how to really have fun or be totally functional.  I’m achieving neither one.  But, I know that isn’t true.  I’m pretty functional.  I may even exceed at being functional at times.  But, I still lack the “fun” part.  So, how to solve that…

First, I need to figure out what I truly enjoy and have fun while doing.  Honestly, I used to drink quite a bit and part of my “fun” was had because of the alcohol allowing me to “let loose”.  But, since having Bean, I’ve lost my taste for alcohol and when I do drink a bit of wine or beer, I either get really tired really quickly OR I get a horrible headache.  Neither of those are really adding to any level of “fun”, so I avoid alcohol for the most part…


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