Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday -Who’s to say?

“Who’s to say what’s good today?”

Today is one of THOSE days.  You know, the days you seem to notice all the things that are wrong with your life and your house and your job.  Some days my pessimistic side shows up and I can’t get it out of the way to let me see what is good about the day.  So, I started thinking about the way I often allow others to decide what is good about my day rather than doing it myself.  I do this with my life by looking to others to compliment me on my choices or by hiding things that I think others will be judgmental about.  I do this with my house by worrying about what others will think rather than considering what I value and need in a home.  Finally, I do this about my job by focusing on what I’m NOT doing well rather than what I am doing well and how that sometimes is the reason I’m not doing other things well.

Everything is perspective.  Today, I happen to be one of those negative perspective positions, but I realize that is a choice.  So, hopefully, by the end of the today, I will be back looking at things through a slightly rosier lens!

What about you?  Who/what do you let determine what is a good or bad day in your life?