Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Decide

Joining Five Minute Friday again this week.  I encourage you to join the group if you haven’t already.  It is an easy, flexible write each week and the attendees are all very supportive!


This week’s prompt is “decide”.

Well, this is certainly a prescient prompt for me this week.  I’ve once again made a commitment, perhaps some might say a “decision” to get my life in order.  And I mean all aspects of my life.  I tend to focus on one aspect to the detriment of all others.  So, when focused on working, I let everything else slide.  When focused on my family and personal life, my work and grading slide to the bottom.  When focused on either of those two, the house starts to fall apart.  When focused on any of those, my finances start to fall apart.  It is like I can’t get a “whole” life going at any one time.  So, I’ve decided that April, being the month of “rebirth” after Easter, can be a chance for me to start living a “whole” life.  And although I think the idea of “balance” is impossible for me, the idea of “wholeness” is not.  I may not always be in balance with work, personal, household, finance, etc. but I can always live in wholeness.  With a focus on my future self and keeping her whole as well.

So, deciding something is internal, but making it happen is external. I’m going to try to bring about the change that I’ve been internally “decided” on for the past few years (at least since I’ve started this blog, but probably before that even).  Which is living a life of “more” – not more things or more activities, but finally, I’ve realized, I just need more wholeness.



1 thought on “Five Minute Friday – Decide”

  1. “So, deciding something is internal, but making it happen is external.”

    I love this phrase. Plenty of folks who have ideas; very few who get up out of their chair and do them.


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