Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Final Countdown Edition

Now officially in the final countdown!

final countdown pic

Sorry, but for most of you that is probably true.  I actually love the commercials with that song in them.  It was a fave of mine back in the day and I think the commercial is hilarious.

But, seriously, I AM in the final countdown.  One of the campuses I work at is done for the semester (other than a pile of grading I have to do in those classes, but I’m making pretty good progress this weekend) and the other is in finals this coming week.  So, three more class meetings and I. am. finished.  So thankful.  I am tired this semester.  More tired than usual I think.  But, I also think that teaching is like childbirth.  If anyone really remembered everything that happened in the process, they would never return to do it again.  So, we have some selective memory that allows us to continue doing what would otherwise seem insane to do a second (or third, or twenty-third time – well, not childbirth unless you’re part of that Duggar family and they really may be legitimately insane – at least some of them. But with teaching, people definitely teach for upwards of 20-25 years and that is 40-50 semesters or more).  So, yeah.  We remember the good, tend to play down or forget the bad and we go back the next time feeling like we have a good idea of what is coming, but not realizing our memories are all distorted somehow.

Well, that took a direction that I didn’t plan on at the start…but, that is the beauty of the Six Word Saturday!

7 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Final Countdown Edition”

  1. I’m glad you are in countdown mode, Sue.
    Teaching is good in that if things with a class didn’t go so well then there is a FRESH start the next semester. Before that, when I was at NASA a mess-up could mean a launch gets postponed or scrubbed. Or worse. I high pressure job.

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  2. oh my. maybe you had to be there. I kept thinking, how androgynous they all looked, and then realized this was 80’s stuff. I guess I missed this whole thing (mercifully). But you’re right, like it or not, it’s whizzing around in my head right now.

    and I agree with Jim, unless a limb is involved, or a puppy, there is almost always another chance, a do-over. Love your comment about the Duggars. You do have to wonder.

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    1. absolutely, mlissabeth. By mid summer or later at some point you may think, “hell with it. Im going back”. or “its not worth the effort this time”. and either way, you will feel much better about all of it.

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