Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Lose

Joining up with the Five Minute Friday crew over at Heading Home again this week.  Five minutes to write on a prompt.  This week’s word is “lose”.


In all honesty, I couldn’t think of something to blog about immediately based on this prompt.  I thought of a lot of sayings:

  • Can’t win for losing.
  • Don’t lose yourself OR
  • Lose yourself in what you love.

But, I couldn’t make a connection to my life like I usually do.  But, I think I’m starting to realize that sometimes it is good to lose.  I mean, losing weight is good when your health is threatened.  Losing yourself in a good book is great.  But, other times losing is bad.  I lose things all the time and it is frustrating.  But, it is especially bad to lose people.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve lost both of my parents.  There are still times when I think “I should call my mom and tell her this.” or that I have a memory from my childhood with my dad.  So, I guess we don’t really ever lose people unless we lose the memory of them.

So, losing is one of those things that often gets a negative, but can be good as well.  So many things in life are like that.  There is no simple way of looking at things, but instead, we have to examine them and be sure that what we are seeing or feeling about that thing is “real”.  I have definitely suffered through some losses.  But, I have also had good results from losses.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Lose”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your parents. This loss is real. And so is the pain and grief it brings. I lost my Mum to cancer two years ago. She was 59 and all my life had been the one who pursued me in Christ’s Love.

    But you’re right that loss is not all bad. I believe such deep loss also awakens anew the yearning God has placed within our hearts: the yearning for eternity- the fullness of Christ restored to us. And in the naming of my loss, the feeling of the pain, the weeping, I’ve experienced Him opening my heart to so much more awaiting me than all I have lost. Isn’t that what our joy is: the pang of deep loss taken captive by Hope?

    May you experience God’s nearness in your deep loss today. May you feel His comforting arms enfold you in your very real grief.


  2. I agree, lose is a tricky word. Sometimes it is good to lose but when it comes to people we love it is just hard. I love your comment that we don’t really lose people unless we lose the memory of them. That’s so true but still it is hard when we just want to talk to them or see them. I’m sorry for the loss of your parents and pray that you know God’s comfort.

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