Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

This week’s Tuesday Truths are here!

Tuesday Truth

First, illness sucks.  It especially sucks when the person who is ill is 7 years old and just spent three weeks recovering from surgery.  That’s right.  My DD, who had just started feeling better a week ago (after her pacemaker surgery) seems to have picked up a flu bug or something.  She woke up last night at 2 a.m. complaining of stomach pains, was awake and asleep and awake and asleep the rest of the night, was determined to go to VBS today so she could have her planned play date with a school friend and then one hour into it showed up where I was volunteering crying about her stomach really hurting and having a headache.  So, we came home.  She took Tylenol, watched TV for about an hour and then slept for over three hours.  She woke up feeling better, ate a small amount of yogurt and raspberries and a cracker, drank some water…and about an hour later threw all that up.  😦  She is now asleep again and I’m thinking no VBS tomorrow and probably a trip to the pedes.  Poor thing.  She can’t catch a break…I’m hoping it is a 24 hour thing and she will be all better tomorrow, but with her immune system, it could be a while.

Second, flies suck.  We always have a problem with flies.  We live backed up to a giant field where everyone walks their dogs and lets them poop and cats go to poop and probably kill things and then we have our own pooping dogs in our backyard.  So, we have a crap ton of flies all the time in the summer.  They seem especially bad right now.  I hate them.  I wish I felt comfortable just spraying the toxic fly spray all over our yard, but I don’t.  So, I have a fly trap in our tree, which has trapped a lot of them already, but there are all those plus more flying around back there and subsequently into our house every time the backdoor is open, which is often with a puppy.  Hate, hate, hate them. If anyone has any non-toxic suggestions, I would love to hear them.  I tried the pennies in a bag of water last year and it was a fail.  So, please, something other than that!

Third, because there has to be something that doesn’t suck on my list, bulldog puppies are hilarious.  Our new puppy, Scout, is a character.  Bulldog puppies are much less energetic than lab/shepherd mixes, but she is plenty entertaining in her own way.  Often in the way she sleeps!  And snores.  What isn’t funny is her gaseous fumes she releases on us!  But, she has been a great addition to our family zoo!  For your enjoyment, a lovely picture of her and our Seven snuggled up together:

Seven and Scout

So, there you go – my Tuesday Truths this week.  Back to worrying about my DD and hoping her illness goes away quickly!


Be More…Aware

I am a policy debate coach, so my interest in current events is personal and professional.  I get that the world has become a place where people would like to “check out” and “escape” the annoying conversations on social media, etc.  But, the recent “Brexit” and the subsequent stories about the vast number of Google searches in the UK on what exactly the “Brexit” meant to the UK (note the “subsequent” in that last sentence…not done BEFORE the vote, but after) makes me worried about our future.  I feel as if we (as a society, a generation, a global community) take knowledge for granted and the simplest messages are what we accept and on which we base our decision-making.

I would have no question about this, had it not been for a recent Freakonomics podcast episode: Why do we really follow the news?  But, that has set me wondering what is REALLY wrong with people who do this.  There is no end to information out there and sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is important and what is not so important.  I subscribed to something called The Skimm a while ago and found it to be both informative and entertaining.  I liked it as a “read it every so often” daily email.  Then, close to the same day I heard the Freakonomics podcast, I listened to Note to Self episode, “What happens when we skimm the news?” without knowing it was about The Skimm.  The episode took a somewhat negative view of The Skimm for at least part of the episode, but overall, I thought it was even more brilliant than when I subscribed.  I am outside of their age demographic, but knowing how UNaware and UNeducated and UNinterested my students often are in current events, I think this offers them a smart, entertaining and informative way to know more.  So, when I saw they had an “Skimmbassador” program, I decided to sign up.  I’m not getting any money, but I might get a totebag out of it…if you (and nine of your friends) decide to sign up!

So, what do you think?  Do you think our current information-rich society is actually awareness-poor?  Or do you think we are TOO aware and therefore unable to make good decisions based on all that information?  Do you think millennials are less politically savvy or aware than prior generations or is it another one of those false accusations about this generation?