Holidaze – 5 Reasons to Do Christmas Late

In less than 40 minutes, it will be Christmas Eve.  This year has been slow going on preparation.  First, I couldn’t find one of my Christmas storage tubs – the one with our stockings and some other key decorations.  We didn’t get a tree until two days ago.  The elf keeps forgetting to move (I blamed it on the weather for a couple of nights, but the storm cleared and still there he sat).  The advent calendar is stuck on the number 13 (and I would be in better shape if that were the true date) because we keep forgetting to open the door.  I just finished most of the shopping tonight and most of it isn’t wrapped.  We aren’t going to see family until January 2 (other than the three of us and perhaps my sister and brother-in-law, who aren’t real Christmas-crazy themselves).  I just feel like we should wait to do Christmas until New Year’s.  I think there are good reasons for this delay.  And I’ll share them here with you.  Perhaps we can start a movement…


Cat shows contempt for Christmas


  1.  Everything is cheaper after Christmas. Even considering Black Friday, the sales after Christmas and before New Year’s are probably better.  Stores want to clear out the goods and get ready to start stocking Valentine’s Day and Spring things.  So, it can save you money to be slow to celebrate Christmas.
  2. Schools don’t get out early enough.  My DD got out of school on December 22!  That is literally three days before Christmas.  That is not enough time.  And this year, the first day I was on a field trip with them, the second and third day she was home with a cold and the fourth day I went to help with the holiday party.  So, I got nothing done this week.
  3. The traffic.  Holiday traffic is out of control, even in my small town.  I went to the area near the shopping mall today and although the lines in the stores we went to were short, the traffic getting to and from said stores was incredibly annoying.  I can only imagine what it is like in the bigger cities these days.  Egads.  Things tend to slow down a few days after Christmas and before New Year’s.  Most people are home, relaxing and enjoying their holiday goods.  It is a perfect time to shop and travel to family and friends.
  4. Trees are cheaper!  Waiting to get our tree until only five days before Christmas netted us a $20 savings.  The next night (so four days before Christmas), the Orchard Supply Hardware store we went to was giving away 100 trees to get them off the lot!  Christmas trees seem like a kind of wasteful venture anyways.  We spend so much on them and then keep them for a matter of weeks, only to dump them for recycling (and please, do recycle).
  5. It gives Santa another week to deliver presents. Just think how difficult it is for him to get around to all those places in one day.  If some of us agree to celebrate late, he can come when we celebrate and not have to rush to all the places in the same day.  We’re doing it for Santa!

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