#BloggersSecretSanta: The Wondrous Life of Allie M

Merry Christmas everyone!  Today, I’m doing something a little bit different on this little blog o’ mine and I am introducing you to another blogger that I hope you will visit and show some support!  I am doing this as a participant in Teenella’s Blogger Secret Santa program, which was such a fun and supportive idea!  So, let me tell you something about Allie M and her Wondrous Life! 


The Wondrous Life has only been around since February of this year, but she has been consistently sending good stuff out into the world (something I could definitely be better at).  Allie is a writer. Her first post on February 11 of this year is a good introduction to her.  She is a mixture of backgrounds, has a mixture of interests and she is a teenager!  Although I don’t share an age range with her, I do share a lot of the same interests.  And as a college instructor, it is nice to read some of the inner thoughts of someone in my students’ age range.

One of my favorite posts of hers is early in the blog – What Music Is To Me.  Along with her blog writing, Allie also writes songs!  This one talks about why music is important to her, but it also shares a hilarious story about standing up for herself when things were tough and also some lovely song lyrics she wrote (and her friend helped her with).  I love that someone so young has such a love for words and their power.  And she is incredibly brave in sharing her work in such a public way.  She not only writes lyrics, but also short stories and even a book she is working on, from which she shared an excerpt in July.

But, she doesn’t only write, she also cooks!  She shares recipes every once in a while and often they are desserts.  She has cookie recipes, cake recipes and even an Indonesian burger recipe!  Recently, I’ve been loving her Christmas quotes!

I am so glad that I was able to participate in this blogger Secret Santa event and I’m really glad I got assigned The Wondrous World of Allie M.  I look forward to following her blog and enjoying her development as a writer and a person.  I hope she continues to share her words and life experiences through the blog.  High school was a rough time for me in a lot of ways and I love that people like Allie are willing to share their lives, both good and bad, with others.  Being able to identify with others, find support from others, and read meaningful and supportive words is so important.  Thanks Allie M for being willing to share.  Please continue to do so!

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