Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

tuesday truth

First truth today:  Kids and puppies are the cutest when sleeping.  When sleeping together, they are even cuter:


Second truth is that time does move faster when you get older.  I feel like this semester has barely begun and it ends in a matter of weeks.  Wha?  Where have the last three months gone and who lived them instead of me?  I feel like it is all speeding by and I can’t keep up and I’m missing so much.  It is strange and scary.  Turns out, it isn’t just me and I need to do new and unique things to slow time down.  Psychology Today says so!

Final truth.  My life would be so much better if I could live it like Jessica Fletcher lived hers.  Well, I wouldn’t want to necessarily see all those dead people every week, but other than that.  I would be a famous author who everyone loves and respects.  I would get to go to glamorous parties wearing glamorous clothes and meet glamorous people.  Actually, now that I think about it, I could skip that part too.  I would probably have to wear heels and I would much rather hang out in pajamas in my hotel room where room service would deliver my breakfast with the morning paper.  I would live in a pretty house with a nice garden and have eclectic friends who would come over for dinner parties each week.

But, alas, I am living my own life instead.  I don’t see many dead people (plus), but I’m not a famous author and everyone does not love and respect me (some do, but not everyone).  I can barely dress myself for work on most days.  I stay at hotels, but rarely order room service and when I do, no one brings me the morning paper with my food.  I live in a pretty duplex with a lot of dirt in the backyard that needs to have something done with it.  I have eclectic friends, but I don’t have many dinner parties.  I can barely get a meal together for me and my family on a regular basis.  So, I’ve got a ways to go to be on Jessica Fletcher’s level.

But, my life is not bad.  I have a beautiful daughter who survived many a medical ordeal and is now thriving.  Our puppy survived parvo and seems to be just as good as she was before she got sick.  I have a cat who is pretty aloof, but still wants to snuggle every once in a while.  I have eclectic friends who post funny, sad and interesting things on Facebook and make me want to visit with them in person at weekly dinner parties.  My house is lived in.  There are traces of fun just about everywhere.  But it is relaxed and not at all intimidating.  I have a husband who loves me despite all my flaws and foibles.  I have not one, but two jobs that I mostly love.  I have animals who I love and who are not “from hell” (I was watching My Cat is From Hell this weekend).  So, I’ll take it.  But, if someone wants to give me a writing contract and turn me into Jessica Fletcher, I’m ready to roll…except for the dead bodies and high heels.

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Fly


This week’s Five Minute Friday theme is “fly” – so, before I head to bed tonight, here goes:

Usually I immediately think of something to write about connected to the 5 minute Friday theme, but not tonight.  I thought of flight, as in travel.  I thought of flight, as in personal achievement and empowerment.  I thought of flight, as in running away.  I even thought of fly as the bug.  But, none of that strikes me immediately as being a great topic to write about tonight.  Strange…

So, maybe I will just write about fly as in what time does to me.  I wrote about it earlier today already, so I’ve already kind of gotten a start.  But, it really became an issue for me recently because my daughter is scheduled to be enrolled in Kindergarten next week.  There was a time when I didn’t know if we would ever take her home from the hospital again, and that time does not seem to be four years ago to me.  But, here we are, getting ready to celebrate her fifth birthday, enroll her in kindergarten and for her to become an official “child” – no longer a toddler or a preschooler.  I feel like we’ve done a lot.  I feel like we’ve definitely celebrated her toddler-hood, her preschool years.  As I look back through the myriad of pictures in my digital files, there is much to remember, much to be happy about and much to celebrate.  And when you get right down to it, what more can you ask than that?  Time flies, but the memories last.

Done – that was not bad at all.  Just needed to find the right interpretation of “fly”.  As a celebration of today’s post – a few random selections from the digital files:

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