Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 9

Well, I made it through this Monday, despite the rain, a crazy schedule, my hubby being out of town for his mom’s surgery and feeling like I can’t possibly catch up on my to-do list.  Let’s get a little more grateful though…


Tonight I am thankful for an incredibly tasty dinner with friends.  And it was all an unexpected surprise.  Yesterday, I was thankful for our preschool experience and today that preschool teacher was babysitting my DD.  She told me they would be having dinner at the “twins'” house – twins that went to preschool with my DD and live a couple of houses down from her.  When I arrived to pick her up, I had been trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner, since I figured they would have already eaten.  Well, when I got there, there was a smoked turkey, smoked tri-tip, garlic mashed potatoes, garlic bread…and everything was soooooo good.  It was such a relief to know I didn’t have to go home and make myself something and I got to hang out and talk to friends for almost an hour.  It was definitely a welcome relief after a longish Monday and looking forward to a lot to do over the next few days!

Health and Caregiving

A Healthy, Happy Life – What’s it Take?

These last few months have me pretty pensive.  I was sad for my mom.  She has lived the last few years in a pretty lonely and unsatisfying condition.  And now that her life has ended, I just wanted MORE for her.  More friends.  More fun and enjoyment.  More life.  When we are living, we should be LIVING!  So, it has me thinking.  Because I had my DD so late in life, I will be aging as she ages.  And I want to age well.  I want to be healthy enough to live.  I want to have friends and be social and have fun.  I want to have fun with my family and enjoy doing things with my DD.  But, that will require that I am healthy.  So, what’s it take?  What do we need to do to stay healthy and happy in our late 40s (where I am now), our 50s, our 60s and beyond.  After all, I will be pushing 60 when my DD graduates from high school (good Lord…) and I want to still be active and enjoying my life with her as she goes through college.  I realize I won’t be able to do what the 38 year olds are doing (and let’s be real, I probably won’t want to be doing what the 38 year olds are doing), but I want to be a good mom who is there for her and who can still do what needs/wants to be done.

So, it has me thinking…what do I need to do RIGHT NOW to make this happen?  What can I do EACH DAY to make sure that I am ready for that future life I want to lead?  Let’s see:

Start building a stronger network of friends.  I am working on that.  I have three friends currently who I feel like are THERE for me.  Two have children close to my DD’s age and I’m hoping we can all stay friends throughout their childhoods and on up to see them as grownups.  But, I need more than that.  I want a wide network of friends.  I have friends but I feel like I’m not very good at making time to spend time with them (especially those who don’t live here where I live).  I’m not good at setting aside time to really enjoy them.  So, that is something I need and want to work on.  Girls weekends.  Family trips together. In addition, I want to be more active in my church.  I want to establish better friendships there as well.  I want a community.  So, that is one thing that I need to continue working on as I go through this year and beyond.

Be more healthy.  I am not talking about losing weight (although that would probably be a good idea as well), but just exercising and eating better (more regular meals, less coffee, more water, etc.) and taking better care of myself over all.  I need to make a doctor’s appointment to get an annual exam (which I haven’t had the last couple of annuals – I use my DD as an excuse, but it really is just something I dread…I don’t want/can’t take any more bad news health-wise for anyone, but especially ME, so I avoid it).  I need to get into the dentist and get my broken tooth fixed and my teeth cleaned.  I want to start doing yoga regularly.  I want to do the a 21 Day Fix challenge to get my sugar and carb levels under control and start developing some muscle mass again.  I am currently suffering from what I am pretty sure is a Guttate Psoriasis.  My strep throat a couple of weeks ago must have triggered it.  And I know that not eating healthy is a contributing factor to these maladies.  I also need to model healthier behaviors and habits for my DD.  She is going to need to eat healthy with her heart issues.

Live it up!  I often turn down opportunities to go out and do things and have fun.  I’m not sure why.  I want to spend time with my DH doing fun things.  I want to do fun things as a family.  I want to enjoy each other and our lives to the fullest extent possible.  We have a bad habit of sitting around when we have time with each other.  On our computers or iPad.  When we should be out and about doing fun activities with each other.  So, that is what I want to focus on – making memories.  And lots of them.

Those three will be my main focus to start this focus on the future me by focusing on the present me.  I will do these things in honor of my mom who often said she wished she had done more when she had the chance, who longed to have a community of people around her and who was constantly telling me to take care of myself.  I love you Mamma!

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Stray Thoughts Sunday

Stray Thought Sundays

As usual, I have a ton of stray thoughts running through my mind.  I’ll try to capture some of them in this post for you!

First off, I am BUSY.  I feel like the last month has been a whirlwind of activity with both of my schools ending and all of the events and grading that comes with that, then my DD’s school ending and all of the events that come with that.  She has had birthday parties for two classmates as well and a sleepover and a house guest and then my in-laws visited and we went fishing with the boat a couple of times.  We’re pressured to fit in as much as possible as my husband leaves for his seven weeks of working in Michigan in 13 days.  Tomorrow I have jury duty and then we’re trying to go down to my in-laws house for a few days before he leaves and we wanted to do Monterey for a few days (but they may have to wait until he comes back from Michigan at the end of summer) and our anniversary is tomorrow and I need to take care of my mom next weekend and then we go to Reno for his flight out and then drive back that day for another wedding.  Whew…I feel like such a social butterfly right now…I like being busy and having things to do with friends and family, but wow.

Second, I am excited about having a new freezer in our garage and I want to go shopping for stuff to fill it (it is literally sitting empty because we haven’t gone shopping since we got it last week), but I don’t want to buy stuff just because I have a freezer.  Our in-laws got it for us for Christmas and we finally cleared space for it in the garage.  So, its sitting out there, pristine, ready to be filled with tasty morsels to simplify my cooking life!  🙂  If anyone has good freezer meal suggestions, let me know.  I have a ton in my Pinterest and even started a new board specifically for freezer use!

Finally, old friends are like songs or smells from your younger years.  They can immediately take you back to a different time, no matter how long you’ve been apart.  Our friends’ wedding allowed us to spend some quality time with a couple we used to hang out with a lot about 15 years ago and it felt good.  Sometimes you have those friends who, no matter how long you’ve gone without talking or seeing each other, just feel like an old shoe that fits just right.  It may be something that you don’t wear all the time, but when you slip your foot into it, you know it has been shaped by your foot.  That is what these old friends felt like to me.  And I told them I wanted to do at least a weekend together every year and I meant it.  It reminds me of who I was and who I am and who I should be.  So, no matter how long it has been since you spoke to or saw that old friend of yours, I strongly encourage you to call them or see them.  It may be a little strange at first, but soon enough, it will fit.  Just right.

Those are my stray thoughts from this week.  Not as much in the way of links because I’ve been pretty busy.  But, a little more personal.

What about you?  What are you stray thoughts on this Sunday?  Or Monday, if that is when you’re reading this…