Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is on Vacation!


Well, Five Minute Friday is on vacation for two weeks, so I’ll be winging it alone today (but if you’re looking for a good Friday meme for your blog, check out the link above and you can start to participate in the new year).  I’m just going to write for the five minutes and not focus on any one topic.  It will get a post done!

The day after Christmas is always hard for me – anyone else like that?   There is so much build up to the big day and then BAM! its over!  I mean, we still have our tree lit up and our outside lights on and all the decorations up, but there is no more anticipation.  Only dealing with the aftermath.  Where to put everything.  How to deal with the mess as efficiently as possible.  How to eat all the leftovers we brought home before we leave for the in-laws on Monday.  What to do about resolutions for the next year – should I set them?  Should I skip them?  Should I choose a word of the year?  Whether to get a new planner for the new year or face the fact that I’m just not very good about using them.  If I get one, how do I make sure I use it?  Should that me one of my resolutions?  Should I just stick with my Google Calendar and call it a day?

So, yeah, I’m feeling a little let down (Christmas is never as cool as it should be after the month long build up from Thanksgiving…its like a movie that starts advertising too early and by the time it gets released you’re kind of sick of it).  My mom isn’t feeling great and I’m worried about her.  I’m not looking forward to being gone for a week (even though I do enjoy visiting my in-laws – it is just hard to leave for a whole week and especially right before starting to teach a Winter Session I’ve never taught before).  I’m disappointed that I am STILL grading.  I had such high hopes of having my grades in before Christmas.  Now, I’m just aiming to get them done before the new year.

Anyways, there it is – five minutes or so of random writing for this Friday after Christmas.  What about you?  How are you feeling today?  Are you someone who loves the after-Christmas shopping or after-Christmas relaxation or are you like me, you miss the anticipation and feel a little let down by the whole thing?

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Grading Edition


Grading, grading and more grading. Sigh…

Worst part of my job happens once everyone else is heading into rest and relaxation.  I know people who already have their grading finished.   How, I’m not sure.  They may not procrastinate like I do.  Because I don’t really like grading, I put it off.  I love teaching, I love interacting with students, and I even enjoy the CONCEPT of giving them feedback.  I would love to have one-on-one conferences with my students after every assignment and give them suggestions for improving their work, etc.  But, the actual assigning of a grade and reviewing material solely for that purpose (because students are not going to read my feedback now) is just not enjoyable.  But, it is necessary.

I have streamlined my grading by using a lot more rubrics nowadays.  And it helps.  A lot.  I would not be able to grade the volumes of work I am grading this semester without them.  And it is my hope to have all the grading done by tomorrow or Tuesday and go into the holiday with nothing hanging over my head.  But, realistically, I will probably have some things not quite done by then.  We shall see.



Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – End of Semester Edition

End of semester – good, bad, ugly.

The good = its over!  I get a break.  And I get to implement changes for next semester.  Always an exciting thing to look forward to new classes, new topics of discussion and new interpersonal dynamics.

The bad = grading.  So. much. grading.  Actually, I’ve cut down from previous semesters based on past experiences.  But, there is still a lot of it to do.  Also bad, dealing with students who are just realizing that they have not done what it takes to pass the class.  It is like they have blinders on all semester and suddenly someone yanks them off and they are shocked to see where they are.

The ugly = my house.  It is a mess from Thanksgiving running right into a week of work running right into a weekend work day running right into my DD getting sick running into another week of work.  Let’s just say, there are some things that need to be cleaned. Desperately.  But, it is getting clean.  Slowly, but surely.  I’ve got three big bags of stuff to get rid of in preparation to the onslaught that Christmas will be!


Tuesday Truth

Tuesday’s Truth

truth is out there

Just sharing some truth this Tuesday with you all!

First, I miss X-Files.  I guess more than the show, I miss the experience that X-Files used to be every week.  We used to all get together and watch it as a group in college.  It was such a great show.  As they say, those were the days…

Second, I strongly feel that the Fall semester should end after the Thanksgiving Break.  I am so over the Fall semester at this point, but I have so much grading left to do.  I’m not doing much more teaching because most of my classes currently consist of presentations/speeches, but the grading.  So. much. grading.  But, I will have it done.  Before the break.  And I will take a break from teaching stuff for a couple of weeks before the Winter session!  I will!  I will!  I will!  (sorry, trying to convince myself).

Third, the internet has destroyed my capacity to focus.  How about you?

Speaking of which, I need to get back to work!  I have a house guest coming in tomorrow and my house is kind of a mess and then…there is that grading thing…


Quicky Post – Back to Work…


Borrowed from:
Borrowed from:

So, yeah.  It is Sunday night, 9:30 p.m. and I have a pile of clean laundry on the couch next to me that needs to be folded and put away, a ginormous pile of laundry that still needs to be done upstairs, a broken washing machine (belt went out – smelled like a bad vacuum in our garage and the agitator is no longer agitating except to agitate me), a pile of grading still to do (even with the week off – I feel as if I accomplished next-to-nothing as far as grading is concerned…I HATE grading), a guest bed to remake for another house guest who is headed in this Thursday (after three house guests for a couple of nights and one that stayed four nights and just left today), a DD’s bed to remake after said house guest (even though she doesn’t sleep in her bed, I like the facade of it being made up for her each day), a 300+ competitor Rookie Speech and Debate tournament to plan for and host this next weekend, and only two more weeks until Finals (which makes that pile of grading oh-so-much-more daunting)!

The broken washing machine is a real pain in my you-know-what about now.  But, I’m just going to find another used one online and have someone come and haul this one away.  I may have them haul it, the horrible too-large-for-our-house footstool that I have stashed in my guest closet and some other crap we have in the backyard as well.  Or, maybe whoever brings another washer will take this one to repair and resell.  I am pretty sure replacing a belt would fix the problem, but neither me nor my husband has any patience for that, so I think a new washer will probably be just as economical for us.

On a positive note, I am NOT going to Ohio like I was supposed to this coming weekend.  Such a relief.  Even though all this stuff is happening, it would be 100X worse if I knew I were leaving town for five days starting on Thursday.  AND my husband’s birthday is Tuesday.  I’ve already scheduled a sitter and we’re going to his favorite restaurant for dinner and I’m going to surprise him by taking him out to our local casino afterwards and giving him $100 cash to burn.  Hopefully he can turn it into more, which he sometimes does (more often, he just loses it all, but hey, its his birthday).  But either way, we’ll have a good time.

So, that’s it for me tonight. I have to send out a bunch of flyers for that Rookie Tournament and our semester’s Speakers’ Showcase (oh yeah, forgot to list that – which is happening on Wednesday night) which will get 100+ audience members we hope!  Busy week.  Ready for semester to be OVER.  Totally over.  Grading done, classes done, moving on over.  I am teaching a Winter Session class starting January 5, so my break will not be long and if I don’t have the grading done early, it will be even shorter.  So, that is my motivation now.  Grade, grade, grade so I can have a full two weeks off of EVERYTHING having to do with school (well, probably a little planning will need to be finished for this crazy 14 day = a full semester winter session class…this will be interesting)!  That is my goal.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving last week!