Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truths

I’m jumping in with some Tuesday Truths this week.  Just tryin’ to keep it real…and truthful!

Tuesday Truth

My first truth this week is ANTIBIOTICS ARE AWESOME!  I woke up yesterday morning at 1 a.m. with a terrible pain in my throat.  Having gone many years in college getting strep throat multiple times a year, I recognized the feeling immediately.  I tried to ignore it thinking maybe it was allergies (they’ve been bad here), fell asleep again for a while, but woke at 3:30 a.m. with even worse pain.  At 4 a.m., I took a Tylenol and started planning my day with cancelling classes and office hours, going to the prompt care clinic and getting this taken care of ASAP.  With an immune-suppressed child (tonsilless thank goodness, I think that makes the strep less likely to take hold, but still) and a national travel trip with 15 students scheduled on Wednesday, I could take no chances.  I got up and started sending emails, dealing with planning, and as soon as I dropped my DD off at school, drove over to the prompt care clinic.  Within an hour, I had tested positive for strep, got a steroid to help with the inflammation and pain, and dropped off my prescription.  Within three hours, I had taken my first antibiotic in a 10 day, 3X a day protocol and settled in for a nap.  By the time I picked up my DD, the stabbing pain had turned to a dull ache.  I was still achy and exhausted, but felt much better already.  This morning, I woke up and am feeling GREAT!  So, yes, antibiotics are awesome!!!

My second truth is God is Good!  I know, I know.  It is a bit cliche.  But, I’ve seen Him working in my life in so many ways this year already.  Life is certainly not all smooth sailing, but His hand touches so many things in so many ways that I don’t always notice.  And this “season”, while starting out tough with news of surgery, financial concerns and job anxiety, has turned into so much goodness.  The surgery is on and I’m thankful that we are with an insurance that doesn’t question the pacemaker placement even though my DD has not been symptomatic (I read a thread online where multiple people had been told no).  I’m thankful I have a job that I can get people to cover for me and make adjustments where necessary when things like this surgery pop up.  I got a raise at my current job, where I would really prefer to stay, so I’ve decided not to apply for the other job (which was a stress in my life, mostly because of insurance concerns).  I also got a grant for revising a class that is going to be really exciting to work on next year.  And I’ve got ideas and plans and exciting possibilities for the coming years!  And I can see where God has had a hand in all those things.  So, I am feeling extremely thankful.

My last truth this Tuesday is travel is stressful.  I THINK I have all the logistics of this trip handled.  Luckily, my DH moved up his return flight today so he got back a couple of hours ago.  Originally, he was scheduled to arrive back home around Midnight and I was scheduled to leave at 3 a.m.  That’s stressful.  Today, he had a two hour delay.  If that would have happened tonight, I would have been a basket case.  So, much better.  I’ve got all the rental cars and we actually ended up with a truck, which will be much easier to fit all the luggage in (as long as it doesn’t rain, which it is projected to earlier in the night – but I will bring some big towels to throw down under luggage and hopefully it will suffice). One of the students was notified he has mono this afternoon, so I had to cancel him.  He was really upset and still wanted to go, but I told him if he put his body through the 3 a.m. departure, time change and long days of a tournament, he might not make it through the semester when he gets back. Mono can be rough and I think he isn’t feeling it right now, but he DEFINITELY would be if he went through this trip.  So, I said no.  So, now there are only 14 students going…but that is still the largest group I’ve ever flown with.  So, it is a bit stressful.  But, seems to be going okay so far.




Christmas Eve – Stress and Rest

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you out there!  We have had a day that has already gone from stress to rest and it is only 3 p.m. here!  Every day is an adventure around here it seems.


So, my DD being a heart transplant recipient, has to take medicines every 12 hours to achieve a balance in her immune system that keeps her from rejecting this “foreign” object that has been placed in her body.  We were paying relatively obscene amounts of money up until about six months ago when we switched over to what was supposed to be a three month, mail order prescription service that saves us a ton of money (she used to have to have liquid, compounded, specialty meds, but now can take small dose pills/tabs).  It has definitely saved us hundreds of dollars already, but they also can not seem to get our order straight and the problem is always with the one medication that she absolutely has to have every 12 hours for rejection purposes.  This month was no different.  Sigh…But, it was taken care of – we are now getting shipment at my in-laws on Saturday and we were able to pick up three days of pills this afternoon at a local pharmacy.  But, it always stresses me out (although, it was much worse the first time, but this time was made more stressful knowing stores were closing early and not reopening tomorrow for local distribution).

The rest of the day was relatively restful.  Thankfully, since I was up until about 3 a.m. this morning, cleaning, wrapping, grading and such.  I slept until 7 a.m. when my DD came to get to me to ask to start opening presents.  I put the kabash on that right away, but it was a challenge all day.  Tonight we did the stockings (not sure when this became a Christmas Eve thing in our house, but it is) and she opened two presents, both of which she loved.  So, that was good.

I am still grading, cleaning and wrapping tonight somehow.  I don’t know how that is possible, but it is.  I still have quite a bit of grading to do (basically, I have two classes of four graded, but one of the ungraded is the writing class and I have A LOT to grade in that class).  The house is being left relatively clean (unless tomorrow morning destroys it – between opening presents, packing, etc. it could get destroyed quite easily) when we leave.  Laundry is completely caught up (Ah-mazing).  And most of the gifts are wrapped (a few of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s need to be thrown in bags with some paper and the Santa gifts need to be wrapped tonight in different paper).  So, overall, I’m pretty happy with where we are.

And biggest news of the week – my DD has slept in her own bed in her own room all week long!  This has been a long time coming and I still need to sit in the room until she goes to sleep, but she’s done great.  I’m very excited about that!  We are making progress!

Oh, and I started actually writing in my new Erin Condren planner.  It was hard at first. It looked so pristine and I didn’t want to do anything I hated and “ruin” it.  But, I think I like what I’ve done (a post on that in the New Year perhaps) and I’m excited about being organized in 2016.  So, hopefully it will continue!

That’s it for tonight.  I probably won’t write tomorrow – it being Christmas and all and us driving six hours to get to my in-laws.  So, Merry Christmas.  May the gifts be just what you wanted, may the lights be bright and twinkly and may we all find peace in the new year.

Merry Christmas


Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Life Goes On

Life goes on…and on. Thankfully.

So, the week has continued since my mom’s death.  Nothing much has changed except for thinking I should call her when things happen, and me realizing that I can’t call her any longer.  She was always my go-to call when things happened or I found out information that I thought should be shared, etc.  Others in my extended family are having health issues too.  Three clogged arteries in one case, requiring stents to be placed this coming week.  A lump in a breast that needs removal, requiring a lumpectomy on Friday.  But, thankfully, neither of those are life threatening conditions and can be repaired.  I am also going to survive my “rash” just fine – it is Guttate Psoriasis, which arises after a strep infection.  So, I will have it for another three weeks or so, am using a topical steroid and will survive, albeit covered in blemishes for three weeks.

I am so thankful that modern medicine exists.  It is what kept my mom alive for the last 30 or so years (she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987).  It is what allowed my DD to survive her heart problems (heart transplant and valve repair and the medicines she now takes).  It is what will fix the heart of my family member.  It is what will take care of the lump early to prevent further spread in my other family member.  Thankfully, we have access to medicine and practitioners who can do amazing things for our loved ones.  For that reason, and that reason only in some cases, life does go on and on.  And for that, I am thankful.


Getting a Fix…21dayfix that is


Tomorrow I will start the 21 Day Fix, or Beachbody program.  I was brought to it by another heart mom and she has done great on it for the last four months.  It was obvious from her posts how much better she was feeling and how much energy she has, so I decided to take the plunge.  I looked into the program quite a bit and there are many things I like about it – first, the shakes are only a supplement, not a meal replacement.  Second, it focuses on real food, which I like.  It makes it more difficult, but it seems much more healthy than eating store bought bars and such.  Finally, it includes the exercise regimen (via DVDs), which makes it easy to do.  I love the containers for portioning.  I love that you get to eat three meals and three snacks a day.  I don’t love the low carb aspect because I love, love, love my carbs, but I do know that it is better for my body not to have all those carbs.

I am sure the first few days to a week will be quite difficult.  My diet has been horrendous lately.  Processed foods and fast food all. the. time.  Skipped meals.  Barely any water drank.  It will be quite the change for me.  But, I think it will be good.  I don’t even care about losing weight in all honesty.  For me, it is about having more energy, feeling better and getting more fit so I can do more with Bean.  I do a lot, and therefore I need a lot of energy.  Lately, I’ve felt not just sluggish, but downright exhausted.  Even when I sleep a decent amount.  I have lots of aches and pains.  I have no desire to go out and do fun things because I have no energy.  So, that is what I’m looking for – a boost in my energy level and feeling more healthy and fit.

Other than that, my dog is sick and the vet can’t figure out what is going on with her.  After $660 they have diagnosed her with a slow-functioning duodenum that is causing bile build up and regurgitation.  She was given a subcutaneous treatment for dehydration and a shot for nausea tonight.  She seems to feel quite bad.  I have multiple meds to give to her tomorrow to try to treat all the different things it could be – an antibiotic in case it is an infection, a dewormer in case that is causing the issue and an anti-inflammatory in case it is inflammation.  I also am giving her something to coat her esophagus and stomach to keep acid from eating away at it and I have to give her pepcid to stop any acid reflux.

So, with my daughter’s meds and the dog’s meds, I feel like I’m running some kind of infirmary around here.  Seriously.  But, I do hope this works to make the dog feel better.  I love Bella and I don’t want her to feel miserable.  It does make me realize what a bad dog owner I am, so part of what I would like to do during this 21 Day Fix is start walking her everyday for 15-20 minutes.  But, not if she is feeling poorly.  So, hopefully all these meds work and she will back to her old self and ready to walk, walk, walk!

Well, I’m off.  Hoping to get some more done tonight before heading to bed, but thinking maybe I should just get up in the morning and do the things…or tomorrow afternoon.  It is so hard to get anything done it seems.  I had a grand plan for my weekend “off” and then spent numerous hours at the vet over the course of yesterday and today.   Sigh…


Dog and DD two years ago…hoping they will have many more days of fun together in puddles and sun!