Nancy Drew is Back and Reminding Me Who I Am

There is a new Nancy Drew movie coming out in five days. It is based on the first book, The Hidden Staircase, and it looks like a winner from the trailer. I am also hopeful because Ellen is in on the production level.

Nancy Drew has always held a special place in my head and my heart. I’ve watched all the old TV episodes (cheesy to be sure), all the movies (including the old black and white ones), and read all the books multiple times. I have even read a few of the early reader ones with my daughter. Nancy Drew represents all that I wanted to be as an elementary school student. I wanted to be confident and adventurous and independent. When it came right down to it, I was not very confident, I was only a little adventurous and I was not at all independent. But, I could dream through Nancy Drew.

As I grew older, I never let go of all the memories tied up in Nancy Drew. I never owned the books. My mom and I would walk or drive to the library once a week and half the time or more I would check out Nancy Drew books. I moved from Nancy Drew to Hardy Boys because they were next to each other in the library, but the boys never measured up to Nancy. I watched the TV show where they joined the two together. My friends and I often pretended we were in a Nancy Drew plot and our lives were truly adventurous, while we were simply going between each other’s houses on the wild streets (not at all wild), hiding in bushes and looking for clues along the way. We had quite the imaginations.

When I became an adult, I began collecting the books again, convinced I would read them all again with my own daughter. Alas, she has not really liked them (they are a bit outdated when you get right down to it) and we have a set of books that have gone mostly unread. But, they are there to remind me of my youthful self. They are there to remind me of my dreams. They are there just in case I feel the need to visit Nancy once again and remind myself of all that I once wanted to be.

Now, there is a movie, set in the modern day, with Nancy as the lead. She is smart and spunky and confident and adventurous. She is there to remind me who I can still be and hopefully to show my daughter all she can be. I will be in a theater on Friday seeing this movie with my own 10 year old daughter. I will think of my mom who loved the Nancy Drew series and often read the books to and with me. I will think of my elementary school friends who role played Nancy Drew plots with me so often. And I will think of all the different Nancies who have come and gone, but always signaled to girls that they could be more than some would give them credit for.

Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #9


On this Thursday, I’m going to focus on some online websites that I enjoy reading:

Upworthy – This website’s tagline is “Things that matter.  Pass ’em on.”  They send out videos and articles that are positive, surprising, motivational, etc.  I find them to have some really fascinating, entertaining and share-worthy stuff.  Definitely a thumbs up for that!

A Mighty Girl – As a mom of a daughter and a feminist, I heart this website.  I follow them on Facebook as well and the stuff they post is motivational, educational and truly empowering.  They offer books, clothes, toys and media that is focused on breaking down gender stereotypes for both girls and boys.  It is a great website to visit if you are looking for gifts for a girl on your list!

Kindness Blog – In a world where there are a ton of negative stories each and every day, this blog is a positive, inspirational and truly enjoyable blog.  If you need a little positive message in your day, this is a great place to tune in!

So, there are three of my latest favorites online.  Enjoy!