Simplicity Sunday

Simplicity Sunday #8 – Nothing is Routine

I’ve spoken before about how much of a problem I have maintaining a routine.  I have come up with many, many rationalizations as to why I have an issue.  But, really, it comes down to self-discipline.  But, man do I pay the price for that lack of discipline.  Right now, for example, I can point to the intense amount of cleaning I had to do over the last two days, the misbehaving dog (who really, really needs to exercise), my exhaustion (due to not eating right and not exercising), a 7 yo DD who has no real routine in her life either and struggles with that a bit, food that has gone bad because I didn’t make it in time, forgotten tasks, etc.


So, I once again want to get a routine together and implement it on a regular basis.  I feel like it would mean a lot to do it now and have it in place for a couple of weeks before we have to have my DD’s surgery.  Often, when we come home from the hospital, things are just completely out of whack for weeks.  But, if we have a routine set up and then can come back to it, I think it would help immensely.  Because, in our lives, nothing is routine.  But we are in desperate need of routine.

So, we’re going to try it again.  I have a lot to do everyday.  But, here are some things I want to happen everyday:

  • Walk the dog for 20-30 minutes (it would make a huge difference for the dog and probably a huge difference for me…I could listen to a podcast everyday during that time).
  • Unload/load the dishwasher
  • Do a load of laundry from start to put away
  • Feed and water the animals (dog, cat and guinea pigs)
  • Make meals – breakfast and dinner (sometimes lunch)
  • Do something active with my DD (not like sports active, but play a game, do a craft, etc.) for 30 min to an hour
  • Shower, do hair, makeup and such – I really should do this everyday, but I don’t.  I think I would feel much better about myself if I did all these on a regular basis.  I just kind of let myself go and then I end up feeling horrible because I look horrible and have not woken myself up fully, etc.
  • 10-15 min pickup everyday (although, I really want to work on all of us putting things away when we are done with them – it is now my mom mission for March).

Now, I don’t have to do all these myself.  And when I list it out, it doesn’t seem like much.  In addition to these, I want a list of chores to do throughout the week so they get done, but they don’t need to be done daily.  Things like vacuuming, changing the beds, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.

The routines are printed out (mine, my DD’s and a daily/weekly household one).  I’m going to post them and go to bed early to read (okay, really play Candy Crush, but I may run out of lives and end up reading for a bit) and be ready for tomorrow’s first task – walking the dog!  I’m going to lay out her leash and choker chain and my clothes and just DO IT!  I’m tired of lacking in doing what I know needs to be done.  Wish me luck!

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Try

I am participating in another Five Minute Friday over at Kate Montaug’s blog.  Join us for a quick writing exercise and tons of friendly readers!


This week’s prompt is “try”.  So…here goes:

I am a big “trier” if there is such a word. I try a lot of things.  I try to change things.  I try to keep the house clean.  I try not to fall behind in getting things done.  I try to have routines.  The problem is that I am not a succeeder (again, is there such a word?).  I try to do things all the time, but I can’t quite succeed.  Or at least, not for very long.  I was talking to myself today about how much I want Fall to be different (yes, I talk to myself…hopefully that is not going to scare any of you away).  I want to be more on top of things.  And I admitted that we are a family that totally lacks discipline.  I don’t mean that my child is out of control – she’s actually pretty well behaved.  I mean that we have no self-discipline.  We don’t do things we should.  We say we’re going to do things and we don’t follow through.  I’m afraid we all have a bit of ADD – we are easily distracted.  We have problems finishing things we’ve started.  We like to pile things up rather than putting them away.  We are…well, lazy, for lack of a better word, about our family obligations.

So, I want to change all that.  I don’t want to try to change them.  I want to actually change them.  I figure I need a RIGID schedule with assigned time to things I want to get done everyday.  It sounds painful, but I feel like it is the only way to actually produce anything other than feeble attempts at change.  And I NEED change.  I know that if I actually got into a routine and got used to doing things on a schedule, I would be fine with it.  I would feel better about things.  I would get more done.  I would enjoy things with my family.  I would have time to do things with friends.  I would spend less money.

So, I’m letting go of the word “try” this Fall.  Instead, I’m going to do.  And do.  And do.  Self-discipline is my focus for Fall.


That’s it.