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Five Minute Friday – Whole

I am back to participate once again in Five Minute Friday over at Heading Home.  Right now, this seems to be the only consistent thing I’m doing each week.  At least there is one.


This week’s prompt is “whole” – here goes:

Being a whole person is tough.  This morning at my MOPS group we did a personality test and discussion with colors.  I noticed that it was very difficult for a lot of us (including me) because the categories used to describe ourselves were limited in the “quiz” and we all thought it was only recognizing “part” of who we are.  We like to consider our “whole” selves when looking at our personalities and highlighting only parts makes us anxious.  Because we don’t like all the “parts” of ourselves, but when looking holistically, we are more comfortable.

I get it.  There are parts of me I would like to forget about.  But, when we finished the “quiz” and added up our scores and read the descriptions of what it meant to our personalities, we all agreed it was pretty descriptive.  So, what does this mean?  It means that all those parts – even the ones we don’t especially like to recognize, make up who we are.  And no one likes EVERYTHING about ourselves, but hopefully, we learn to like our WHOLE selves.  And unfortunately, we often focus on parts of ourselves and how to get rid of them….our weight.  Our lack of organization.  Our too rigid organization.  Etc, etc.  But, I really do think that when we focus on our whole selves, we can start to embrace who we REALLY are.  Not who we are in one aspect.  That is like saying we are our foot.  It is one small part of us, but it is not the whole of us and we have so much more to offer.

So, let’s look at our whole selves and celebrate who we are as whole people.  And, let’s do the same for others.

I am not just these feet!  🙂

I’m Grounding Myself! My One Word 2016

My DD asked me yesterday what it means to be “grounded” because her friend keeps telling her he is going to tell on her for things and she is going to get grounded.  We don’t ground her.  When your six, I’m not even sure what that would entail.  But, today, I’m grounding myself in a much different way.  But, I like the idea of telling people that I’m grounding myself because it does kind of work for what I want to do for myself as well.

When a child gets grounded, they are usually house-bound, required to give up the things they usually do and think about why they are in that predicament.  At my stage in life, this almost sounds like a blessing rather than a punishment.  I would love to have someone force me to stop doing what I spend most of my days doing and just let me think.  But, what I consider grounded to be is reflected in the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definitions:

—used to describe a person who is sensible and has a good understanding of what is really important in life

:  mentally and emotionally stable :  admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious <remainsgrounded despite all the praise and attention>

So, my 2016 word of the year is going to be grounded.  And I want to become a person who is sensible.  One who has a good understanding of what is really important in life.  I want to be mentally and emotionally stable.  I want to be realistic and unpretentious.  And I want to be deserving of admiration, praise and attention in my approach to life.