Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Work, Work, Work edition


Winter ends, Spring begins next week.

I am woefully unprepared for what the next week will bring (and the week after that).  I’m glad I taught this Winter session class, but I feel like my break went into that cavernous space pictured above (a black hole).  So, next week the Winter session is coming to an end and the Spring semester is getting started at my other campus and on Friday, I’m flying out to Missouri to a tournament.  Then, I come back and the Spring semester starts at the other campus and I have to have those Winter session grades in.

I was feeling relatively on top of things as the Winter session started, but that has quickly faded.  Between grading, prepping for Spring classes, figuring out the long list of things I need to do for the Spring semester for other activities I help with on campus and an added aspect of hiring an intern (who hopefully will help me with all these other activities I have going on so I can focus on teaching and coaching) is really starting to stress me out a bit.

As an added bit of challenge, because all of that is not enough, my DD has a pretty bad cold.  So far, she hasn’t run any big fevers or anything, but she does have a pretty nasty cough and a very stuffy nose.  I probably should have taken her to the pediatrician yesterday, but it was the first day of it and I wasn’t sure it wasn’t allergies because we’ve been having some pretty erratic weather (upper 60s, sunny, then rainy for a day, then back to upper 60s), but now I’m sure it is a cold.  So, I may have to put a visit to the prompt care this weekend as well.  Sigh…she is having to miss the first birthday party a classmate invited her to today, which kind of sucks.  But, such is life.

Anyways, I should get back to grading, prepping and cleaning my total disaster of a house.  I really wanted to start the Spring semester with a clean house and a positive outlook.  But, I think I’ll have to settle for starting the Spring semester.  Period.

How about you?  What’s your weekend looking like?

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday (6WS)

Sick…tired…but still playing catch-up.

I finally caught the bug that has been going around my family and school.  It started out as a sore throat (horrible, painful, can’t swallow without wincing sore throat) that only lasted about 36 hours, but now has moved into my sinuses.  I am in much less pain now, but still feel pretty horrible and just plain tired.  I took the morning off on Thursday, but could not miss any class, so taught on Thursday night and then went to my leadership workshop after that because my mentees were presenting, and then Friday I had an International Students workshop that I definitely did not want to miss (because I’ve had an influx of international students on the Speech and Debate team and I’d like to continue the trend) and then I had volunteered as a faculty mentor for transfer student orientation for those transferring in for the Spring semester and went to that for a couple of hours last night.  So, I basically did not really give myself much of a break for being sick.  But, today, I had a number of things planned – a Coffee Connection for women at my church that I had planned to attend and Santa is arriving at the mall today in our town and tonight is a Mom’s Night Out for my mom’s group.  I wanted to do all of these things, but figured if I don’t give into my body’s need for a break I will probably end up even more sick than I currently am – and going into Thanksgiving break and only a few weeks left in the semester, I can’t afford an elongated illness.  So, I skipped the Coffee Connection this morning (bummed because I was looking forward to meeting some more people at my church) and I am going to lay low for the day and see how I feel for tonight.  I am not going to push it though. If I don’t feel considerably better, it will be a day in the house with only my 15 minute bursts of cleaning/organizing here and there and lots of sitting and resting and grading and planning in between.

How about you?  Have  you had “the bug” yet this season?  Do you try to “power through” or do you give in and rest and recover?