Travelin’ Tuesday #3 – Staying Home…

This Travelin’ Tuesday post is going to focus on the opposite of traveling.  It is going to focus on staying home.  This weekend is Labor Day in the U.S.  It is the holiday that signals the end of summer (even though with new school schedules, most students have been back in school for weeks at this point).  It is also a big travel holiday with people getting in their last “summer” trip of the year.  But, I’ve decided to stay home this holiday weekend.  I could go to the Bay Area and visit my parents and take my daughter to the amusement park in their hometown.  But, I went back to work this week and even though it is only Tuesday, I’m exhausted.  And I feel like trying to do a trip and big fun this weekend will only wear me out more.  So, I’m going to stay at home.

I think that I will take this weekend to do a bit of a Staycation though.  I know that staycations are a bit cliche at this point, but I do feel like there is plenty of fun to be had around our own little hometown this weekend and it doesn’t require a drive, an overnight stay in a bed other than our own and sacrificing any chance of getting some time to clean up and organize my house (the neverending quest of my life it seems).  The University that I work at is offering a bevy of entertaining events trying to keep students entertained without alcohol and huge parties (which turn in to riots when things get out of control – already happened earlier this week when the students were coming back into town), there is a Friday Night Concert, a Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market.  My daughter would love to go to Turtle Bay Discovery Park again (we have not gone all summer long).  We can go shopping downtown.  We can go to the river and play in the water, feed the ducks in the pond in the park, go for a short nature hike…I think what I’m going to do is check one of the Summer Bucket Lists on my Pinterest page and do as many of those things as we can around our area this weekend.  It should be fun,  little less exhausting than traveling somewhere while doing it, and can be scheduled around a little housecleaning and organizing!  The best of all worlds, I would say.


Travelin’ Tuesday #2 – Ch-ch-ch-changes…

A favorite when visiting the in-laws: Insect Lore’s Bugseum.

Last week I talked about our trip we were planning to Oregon.  Since then, it seems that plans may have changed.  We may be staying closer to home and our in-laws house.  In all honesty, this wouldn’t break my heart.  The more I started thinking about taking a trip with my 4 year old and my in-laws where we would be on the road, in the car, for hours each day and then packing and unpacking in different hotel rooms almost every night, the more I started to feel a bit queasy about the whole thing!  With my daughter, we are not light travelers.  We travel with medicines, syringes, snacks, activities to keep her busy, clothes, extra clothes, a few diapers (she still sleeps in them), wipes, etc.  And that doesn’t even take into consideration our own things (which mostly consists of clothes – we are both relatively light packers).  My MiL is definitely not a light packer.  She travels with extra pillows, snacks, magazines, lots and lots of clothes, emergency kits, and other things as well.  My husband and his dad like to do outdoorsy stuff, so that adds in fishing poles or hunting rifles and all the accessories that come with those things.  By the time we get everything loaded, it will be time to come home from vacation!

So, we are now considering just coming to my in-laws.  I am going to insist on staying in a hotel simply because the full-sized bed here is a bit too small for all three of us to sleep in comfortably and my daughter loves to swim and stay in hotel rooms, so why not make it more of a vacation?  Plus, that would allow us to give both ourselves and our in-laws some space, which is a key commodity to enjoy a vacation of any type.  I don’t mind doing this as I love my in-laws and there are a few touristy things here that we have not done in a while (or at all with my daughter) and it means less time in a vehicle, less time packing and unpacking, and is pretty low-key.  

So, I guess you could say our Oregon VAcation is becoming more of a Cali STAYcation.  By tomorrow, it may all have changed again though…we shall see!