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Hard Resetting Life

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School has begun for my daughter.  I start teaching on Monday and continue at my second school the following week.  Our schedules are already filling up.  I am beginning to feel a little stressed out already.  Although our house has gotten much cleaner over the past few days, it is still not where I want it to be.  Although I joined Terrafit at the beginning of the month, I have not been following it for the past two weeks.  Although I want to be eating more healthy, I am not.  Although I want to be walking the dogs each day, I am not.  There is so much in my life and although it seems like incrementally changing would be easiest, I feel like I can’t take the time to do that and even if I had the time, so much of it is related to the other that to make serious changes in one area, I need to change the other area.  So, I’ve decided my life needs a hard reset.

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset or master reset, is the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications and data added by the user are removed.  –

So, what does that mean to me?  Well, I’ve added a lot of data as the user of my life over the past five decades.  Not all of that data is good or useful.  I need a restoration to the state I was in when I left the factory.  When God sent me to this place, He had all the settings I needed, but I wandered off the path and started getting new applications and gathering data.  And as the saying goes, Garbage In, Garbage Out.  I’ve got a bit too much Garbage to deal with at this point, so it is just easier to restore to God’s settings.

So, what does that mean moving forward?  Well, first, it means living life with a sense of stewardship.  I was listening to an episode of the podcast Woven last week about stewardship.  It is part of a series and I haven’t finished listening to the series yet, but it made total sense to me.  God has given me all these great things.  A home, plenty of food, friends, my family, a great hometown, not one but two good jobs that I enjoy, access to technology, and so much more.  And I don’t take care of those things the way that I should.  Instead, I am constantly seeking more or better or seeing the lack or the mess.  I am tired of living life that way.  Instead, I want to recognize how blessed I am and not take that for granted, but instead steward those gifts from God to the best of my ability.

So, I’m hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL on my life keyboard and looking more deeply at what my factory settings were.  I’ll have to dig out the owner’s manual (Bible) and see what it has to say about starting over my system and keeping it healthy and happy this time.  Luckily, my factory producer is forgiving and full of grace, so I think He will make this hard reset a little easier.

What about you?  Are you keeping your system well-maintained or do you need to clean some data and applications out in order to steward a better life?  It is a question worth asking!

Simplicity Sunday

Simplicity Sunday – Stewardship

I almost didn’t go to church today.  It was one of those days where I just didn’t want to leave the house.  I felt like I was exhausted and slightly out of sorts and didn’t feel like seeing people.  But, I finally decided that I could go to the later service (11:11 am) instead of the one we usually attend (9:45 am) and not have to rush to get ready.  In all honesty, my daughter being so excited about Sunday School was really the driving force behind my decision to go.  The service is much less populated than the 9:45 a.m. so it felt a little less intimidating (sometimes when I’m surrounded by people I feel a little bit like I don’t belong, since I go by myself and sometimes feel out of sorts).  I really wish that I could meet a few people so I could sit next to someone each week who I could talk to and enjoy.  But, we’ll save that for another post.

Today ended up being what they call “Dedication Sunday,” when they take financial promises for the following year.  I’ve never been someone who “tithed,” although I always thought it was a good principle (giving away a certain percentage of your earnings).  I’ve just never been disciplined enough to do it.  But, I thought this was perfect timing to give me a “new year” to start trying to reach my financial goals.  If I can start budgeting my money in such a way as to plan for our expenses, then I can include the “dedication” in that amount.  And next month, in only four short days, I can begin to implement the plan.  The focus of the sermon around Dedication Sunday was stewardship.  And that really struck me in a big way.  The question that really hit me hard was:

What does it mean to live life with stewardship constantly in mind?

I know what stewardship means – to care for, nurture, grow…but, I had never really spent much time thinking about it as a part of my everyday life.  What would life be like if I thought of myself as a steward of EVERY GIFT I receive?  Not just money (the focus of the Dedication Sunday sermon), but my jobs, my students, all of my relationships, my time, my energy, my health, my child, my husband, my community, my neighbors, my church, my experiences, my joy, my love, my laughter, the grace I’ve been given, forgiveness…think of how life would change if my focus was caring for and nurturing all those things.  This blog?  Everything.

So, I’m going to focus on this idea of stewardship.  Taking care of what I have and what I am given as best I can.  With purpose.  I am starting another week tomorrow and I will be a bit exhausted, which always makes taking care difficult.  I need to catch up on my grading tonight and tomorrow is a very, very, very long day (Monday always is).  But, at least I have gotten some decent rest over the weekend and the house is only half a disaster rather than a whole disaster.  So, perhaps I can get though this last week of October with some calm, some rest and some stewardship.  We shall see…

What do you think?  Are you a steward of what you have been given?  Do you think it would change the way you live if you considered yourself one?