January Focus

Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year!

You’re probably thinking that this post is coming out two weeks too late.  But, really, we just got rid of our Christmas tree tonight (sob) and I’m just now settling in to figure out the new year.  So far, I have not even been able to figure out what day of the week it is in the new year.  In fact, for most of today, I thought it was Monday not Tuesday.  Proving once again how much I need a routine in my life.  I wrote the wrong date on everything today, would have missed my DD’s swim lesson had my phone not sent me a reminder as I finished grocery shopping and I didn’t help out in my DD’s class this morning like I said I would on Tuesdays this semester.  Sigh…

But, 2017 is here and Spring semester starts next week.  I’ll be on a schedule again and I am looking forward to being able to eat dinner at a decent hour AT HOME every night of the week!  My meal planning has fallen to the wayside thus far.  Heck, most things have fallen to the wayside thus far.  But, I figure school starting will help me out with getting things together a bit better (send a prayer my way on this one).  Although, traveling the first week of classes is a little bit rough.  But, I will take it.  The holiday is over.  I need a routine and I need it now!

I’m shifting to try something new this year.  I have been using a 10 minute timer to get things done.  I have a long list of things that I need to work on and I work on one thing for 10 minutes and then move on.  But, I find this to be too short of a time (although I’ve adjusted to it and often will stay doing a task for longer when I’m in flow on it).  So, I’ve decided to use some block scheduling instead.  I find that I’ve really lost my ability to focus for long periods of time and do any kind of deep work and it is really negatively impacting my productivity on larger projects.  My schedule this semester lends itself to this type of schedule much better than my prior schedules, so I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can regain my focus, get more done and take more time away from the laptop!



Digital Detox

I failed…a January update

That’s right.  It is January 2 and I have already failed miserably at something.  I’m admitting it right here and now.  I am at my in-laws as planned and I am typing this ON MY LAPTOP!  That’s right.  The laptop I was going to leave at home.


I was also on my phone tonight while others were in the room, which is an area that I really want to work on.  If I don’t absolutely NEED to be on the phone (e.g. our dogsitter texts me with a question or something), then I don’t want to be using it.  But, there I was, scrolling through Facebook.  Sigh…

I am addicted.  My DD took it really well when I told her I wanted to use this trip as a “reset” on our technology use.  She left her beloved 3DS at home.  And although we brought the iPad Mini, she barely used it in the car on the way here and did not ask for it once tonight after we arrived.  Yet, here I am, reaching for my phone and feeling the need to be on my laptop (and although it is nice for blogging, that is not what I originally got on here to do – I just felt like I NEEDED to be on here, checking email, responding to requests that do not have to be responded to, revising syllabi that don’t need to be revised tonight, etc., etc.).  I really need to be reading the books I want/need to read.  I should be journaling, by hand in my notebook that I am starting for this year.  I should be interacting with others.  I should, I should, I should…

So, tomorrow I WILL!  I am making a commitment to not look at my phone unless I have an incoming message that demands attention (example above).  I will not use my laptop until everyone has gone to bed and then only possibly – to write a blog post and/or deal with any issues that arose that may need to be dealt with (which I don’t see happening, but I guess it could).  I can get back to tech on Friday when we have returned home, but I really need a good detox.  Seriously.  This is going to be a little painful and difficult for me.  But, as usual, my DD has set the example.  She is perfectly fine without her tech because she has her cousin and Gigi and Papa and coloring and such.  I need to focus on what I have outside of tech to entertain myself.  I knew my desire for tech was getting a little out of control, but this has really raised my awareness of just how bad it is.  And I really want to get it under control.  Here is an article with some tips for helping me…maybe you need it too?