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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 25

Well, I’ve missed another few days.  Everday blogging is not an easy venture!  It seems like it would be easy, but it really isn’t.  I’m going to try to make this quick so I get it posted as every time I leave a post partially written, I never get back to it, so I now have a bunch of drafts…so, completion is the goal!


Today, I am thankful for the news we got yesterday that, for now anyways, there are no heart surgeries in our future.  Although my DD’s tricuspid valve is still leaking and her heart is getting larger because of it, the pressures are good.  And since she doesn’t yet have any symptoms from her bradycardia issues, the team of doctors they brought together to discuss her case last week has decided that there is not a need currently for a pacemaker or a valve replacement.  So, for now, we are simply holding steady and hoping that she doesn’t have any symptoms for a long time to come.

I didn’t really know how heavily the thought of that was weighing on me until we got the news that they would NOT be doing any surgeries. I realized that I have been stressed for weeks about the possibility of another open heart surgery with the hospital stay and the long recovery and the emotional toll that it takes on us.  Obviously, it will come at some point in the future, but I just wasn’t quite ready for it now.  So, I am thankful for the delay.  I hope that her heart continues to work “good enough” for years, but I will begin to prepare myself for the alternative should it come sooner.

Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 22

Another day at home.  My DD is not feeling “bad,” but she just wants to be at home.  I think she is a bit under the weather still, but more of it is just wanting to hang out and take it easy, with which I can totally relate.  There is a lot going on tonight – the Advent event at our church and our city’s Christmas Preview, but she said she just wanted to stay home today (and I assume that also means tonight).  So, that is what we’ll do.  I am going to come up with a few advent things of my own (I already planned on doing a Christmas book a day for advent and we can make a paper chain with acts of kindness and bible verses like they did last year at the church advent event).  And maybe she will want to go later on after spending all day at home, but if not, it will be okay.  I’m still feeling a bit under the weather myself, so taking it easy and just watching a bunch of Hallmark Christmas movies sounds like an okay way to spend the day to me.  Currently, I am watching Charming Christmas.


Today, I am thankful for great childhood memories.  Not all of my childhood memories are great, but I have a number of really good ones.  I am thankful to have grown up in a house that was full of laughter.  Today, I found the Carol Burnett show on a cable channel we have and I was so excited because that show just makes me laugh thinking about it.  And it wasn’t even that the show was that funny (although it is a hilarious show – they don’t do humor like that anymore), but that I remember both my mom and dad laughing until they couldn’t breathe when watching that show.  Both of my parents had great laughs too.  My dad’s laugh made me not afraid to laugh out LOUD when things were funny.  And my mom’s laugh was contagious.  I loved watching funny shows with them.  And Carol Burnett was one of their favorites.  Another that came up recently was the Thanksgiving show from WKRP Cincinnati, which was and still is hilarious (I watched it in my living room yesterday and it made me laugh out loud in a very cackling way, much like my dad used to).  Laughter is so important.  And I’m thankful to have had it all during my childhood years. I want to spend lots of time laughing with my DD as well.  I want her to have memories of her mom’s loud and contagious laugh!


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Six Word Saturday – Pre-Thanksgiving Edition Day 21/365

This Saturday before Thanksgiving I’m once again joining Six Word Saturday over at Show My Face!

Giving thanks for the small things.

Today I’m giving thanks for small things that make my life more enjoyable.

  • Retro TV shows like Murder She Wrote, Magnum PI and WKRP in Cincinnati taking me back to a simpler time in my life.
  • Hallmark Holiday movies that bring a tear to my eye in the most cheesiest of ways.
  • A quiet day at home with my DD enjoying herself playing Minecraft and drawing My Little Ponies and jumping from couch to footstool and back again every once in a while.
  • So much stuff that we can give away boxes and bags of things and still have more than enough.


Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 19

Some days are easier for thankfulness than others.  That is for sure.  Today is tough.  I’m sick (nasty head cold), my DD is home sick (also nasty head cold), I’m terribly behind in grading, the house is a continual disaster, seemingly unavoidable and although I have next week off at one of my teaching jobs, I still have to teach at the other and my hubby is out of town from Friday morning until Monday night and Tuesday we have to go to a heart clinic appointment at Stanford.  Sigh…

But, my job right now is to be thankful…so, here goes!


Today was a long day, but I’m thankful for an early night for my DD.  She fell asleep about 20 minutes ago.  She usually falls asleep pretty late and she was home from school today, which makes her more likely to be up late since she didn’t burn energy.  And, although she has not felt horrible, she has also not felt great.  She is running a slight temp (upper 99s) and her nose is full of snot.  She complains about her teeth hurting, which I thought was maybe sinuses, but she told me she woke up to them hurting because she was gritting her teeth so hard.  I’ve heard her grinding her teeth every so often.  So, now I think it may be that causing her jaw to hurt.  Who knows?  I do know she is oxygenating well and her heart rate is pretty good (mid 70s), so I’m not too worried about her health.  But, I do wish she would get over this cold.  It just seems to be hanging around.  Not awful, but bad enough to make me not want to send her to school or take her out to do things.  So, I’m hoping it leaves soon and she feels good and we can move on to enjoying the now holiday season.  But, for tonight, I’m just thankful she is asleep early and letting her little body rest and hopefully recover a bit.

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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 18 (minus 7)

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get so overwhelmed that I dropped the 30 days of blog posting.  😦  I have realized in the past that I have too much to do all the time and at points, my body just gives up and gives in to the germs.  That happened this past week.  I got a horrible cold, tried to push through it because I kind of had to and then ended up even more sick.  So exhausted.  Today, I was supposed to be going to Stanford for a follow-up appointment for my DD, but she also got sick.  So, that got postponed until next week (much better schedule-wise for us since she is out of school and I am only teaching at one campus) and I am just taking the day to recover (since I already had all the plans in place to cancel or cover my classes).  So, I thought I would get this post in early in the day before it falls off of my radar.


I am so, so, so thankful to have great health care benefits.  Weeks like this remind me how lucky we are.  My DH came back sick from his trip last week and was able to get in to see the doctor the next morning and get on antibiotics immediately.  My DD was able to get in to see the pediatrician yesterday without any delay (and checked out fine – its a cold virus going around).  I was able to get in to see a doctor on Monday after feeling horrible all weekend and am starting to recover.  It is so nice to be able to get in to see someone the same day ($15 copay) and not have to worry about whether we will be able to afford any prescriptions ($5 copays for almost everything).  And with my DD’s condition, we don’t have to pay anything other than $15 copays for doctor’s appointment, copays, etc.  We don’t pay any copay or deductibles for hospital stays, etc.  I can imagine the extra added stress that would be present if we didn’t have such good health insurance.  So, for that, I am incredibly thankful!

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365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 11

Well, because today is Veteran’s Day, I am going to make today about being thankful to those who served in our armed forces.


I am not always a fan of the military in general – the institution.  But, I realize that the world we live in requires our country to have a foundation of willing individuals in order to protect us.  I am thankful that there are those who are willing.  I am thankful that there are those who are willing AND able.  When I debated competitively in college, some of my favorite people to debate against were from the military academies.  But, I must admit that it made me sad to think that when they graduated, some of them would end up in Iraq or Afghanistan (I debated in the late 90s) and would have to see and experience things that no human should have to see or experience.   I also know family members of friends who have traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan and other areas of the world and have come back different people.

I wish we lived in a world where a military wasn’t necessary.  Or, even if they existed, there was not a need for them to be in conflict situations.  I also wish we treated our veterans better and were able to figure out how to give them the support they need upon return more often.  So many of our homeless are veterans.  So many of those who struggled and lost houses were veterans.  So many of the unemployed are veterans.  I think we budget an inordinate amount of money on the actual fighting, but we don’t consider the long-term costs and are not willing to increase that spending accordingly.  I appreciate the programs like Starbucks and other companies are instituting for Veterans but it is not enough and it is not our whole country making sacrifices/giving back.

I realize that I should do more myself.  There is a larger veteran population returning to college nowadays and I should look into ways I can get involved to help them be able to find success.  There is probably something we could all do, more often than once a year on Veteran’s Day, to show our gratitude.  That is something I am going to try to remember to check into for the coming semester.

So, today, my thankfulness goes to those who have served.  And I hope that it will serve as a reminder that they deserve more than just a passing recognition once a year.


Thankfulness Challenge

365 Days of Thankfulness – Day 10

Well, I’ve made it through to my middle of the week, day off (tomorrow is a day off for Veteran’s Day).  I am still far, far behind in grading.  I am hoping to press through tonight and get some things done, but now I’m reconsidering.  Maybe I’ll go to bed and get up early (the dog will wake me up early no matter what it seems – the time change has not sunk in for her).  I just am not feeling terribly productive this evening and a morning work session seems much more likely to result in some valuable accomplishments.  But, before I go to bed, I need to do my Thankful post for the day!


Today I am thankful for my DD being in a wonderful, caring elementary school.  I had a hard time deciding on an elementary school.  Our neighborhood school was a failing school, so we had to Form Ten out of that school into another.  I missed most of the charter school application periods due to my being unprepared (or due, perhaps, to God knowing better what we needed).  I went to my DD’s current school to be put on the waitlist for Form Tens (it is not a charter, but it is not our neighborhood school) and the woman said, “Well, you lucked out.  We just had our last wait list person say no, so you’re in.”  I was shocked, but I really felt like it was just meant to be.  I didn’t try for any other schools.  And it has been great and only seems to be getting better.

For example, her First Grade teacher found out about her extreme fear of going to the office when she is sick.  So, when she got sick at school, she let her sit with their volunteer aid (Grandma Dixie – another great aspect of the school…last year, she had Grandma Nalette as an aid) in the rocking chair in the back until I could get there.  So sweet and understanding.  This week, one of the Kinder teachers who does service projects with her class each year messaged me to ask if it would be okay if her class makes Bean a quilt (each student is decorating their own block for it and the teacher is helping to sew them all together) to take to doctor’s appointments and to have if she has to be in the hospital anymore.  How sweet is that?  In addition, she has the opportunity to do school plays, she has a great Daisy Girl Scout troop and I love that the school looks like my old elementary school!

So, I am thankful for my DD’s elementary school.  It is hard nowadays to find the right school (I have witnessed many disappointments among my friends and acquaintances).  But, I feel like we have truly found our place and I am so very thankful!