Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Shopping Edition

Christmas money – new hair, jeans, boots!

Today was a rarity for me.  I got some money for Christmas (usual) and decided to go get my hair done and do some shopping (rarity)!  Now, before I get to far into this, I will tell you that I only got $100 in Christmas money so my hair and shopping were of the frugal sort, but I’m still excited about them!

First, I got my hair down at our local beauty school, Marinello.  I have been there before for both hair and nails and I must say that I usually love the results but they take longer than at a professional place (understandable).  Today I had someone who graduates in two months and she was awesome and I love my hair.  I got what they call “Mini Highlights” which is basically 10 foils.  Since my hair is so short, that was perfect for me.  I also got a trim (didn’t need much since I got it cut about four weeks ago) and a wash and blow dry and the total was…wait for it…$15!!!  I tipped the woman $5 so for $20 I got a wash, color, cut and blow dry!  Not bad, not bad at all.  Here are the results (I don’t have before pictures – I should have thought of that, but I didn’t).  I actually hate taking pictures of myself, so the fact I have these is pretty surprising in itself.  Here is my hair post-coloring – much brighter (it looks dark here – bathroom lights must be somewhat yellowish).  I really like the way it brightened it up though!

highlights in hair


Second, I came home and got the eight bags/boxes of donation items from the garage (wow, that was a lot I got rid of and it didn’t make a dent) and took it to our local American Cancer thrift shop and then went shopping.  I found a couple of pairs of Levi’s that are tighter than any that I own (I’ve lost a little weight) and narrow at the bottom because I’ve really been coveting the riding boots craze, but didn’t have any appropriate pants to wear with them.  I also found a couple of cute pillows for our couch that fit in with our color scheme (whatever there is of one), a few pieces of clothing for my daughter, a couple of Angry Birds plush animals for my daughter and a beautiful large vase made my a local potter.  All for $33!  But, after finding the jeans, I knew I needed to take the plunge and get the boots, so I went over to Payless Shoe Source and got a pair of riding boots.  Here I am in one of the pair of jeans and the boots:

Me in riding boots


I’ve decided that the lighting in my bedroom is heinous and I can’t figure out how people take selfies of their outfits in mirrors at all.  Any guidance would be appreciated.  But, there I am.  Phone in hand and the boots don’t really show up much, so here is a closer look at those:

Riding Boots


I love them.  I hope that I can put together the myriad of outfits I find online and post on my Pinterest “Fashion and Such” board that include riding boots.  Like these:

Black pants, scarf, creamy sweater and long boots combination for fall      

After that, I came home, put everything away and continued where I had left off earlier in the day.  Cleaning up the house (never ending it seems), grading (deadline is Monday, so that can not be never ending…I am getting close to finalizing them all and hope to enter them tomorrow afternoon/evening), reading blogs, looking at Facebook and Pinterest and reading all the great ideas for the New Year.  I pre-ordered a book.  And now, I must go to bed, play some Candy Crush and sleep.  Tomorrow will be Church in the morning and much of the same throughout the day!

Sleep well!