Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

This week’s Tuesday Truths are here!

Tuesday Truth

First, illness sucks.  It especially sucks when the person who is ill is 7 years old and just spent three weeks recovering from surgery.  That’s right.  My DD, who had just started feeling better a week ago (after her pacemaker surgery) seems to have picked up a flu bug or something.  She woke up last night at 2 a.m. complaining of stomach pains, was awake and asleep and awake and asleep the rest of the night, was determined to go to VBS today so she could have her planned play date with a school friend and then one hour into it showed up where I was volunteering crying about her stomach really hurting and having a headache.  So, we came home.  She took Tylenol, watched TV for about an hour and then slept for over three hours.  She woke up feeling better, ate a small amount of yogurt and raspberries and a cracker, drank some water…and about an hour later threw all that up.  😦  She is now asleep again and I’m thinking no VBS tomorrow and probably a trip to the pedes.  Poor thing.  She can’t catch a break…I’m hoping it is a 24 hour thing and she will be all better tomorrow, but with her immune system, it could be a while.

Second, flies suck.  We always have a problem with flies.  We live backed up to a giant field where everyone walks their dogs and lets them poop and cats go to poop and probably kill things and then we have our own pooping dogs in our backyard.  So, we have a crap ton of flies all the time in the summer.  They seem especially bad right now.  I hate them.  I wish I felt comfortable just spraying the toxic fly spray all over our yard, but I don’t.  So, I have a fly trap in our tree, which has trapped a lot of them already, but there are all those plus more flying around back there and subsequently into our house every time the backdoor is open, which is often with a puppy.  Hate, hate, hate them. If anyone has any non-toxic suggestions, I would love to hear them.  I tried the pennies in a bag of water last year and it was a fail.  So, please, something other than that!

Third, because there has to be something that doesn’t suck on my list, bulldog puppies are hilarious.  Our new puppy, Scout, is a character.  Bulldog puppies are much less energetic than lab/shepherd mixes, but she is plenty entertaining in her own way.  Often in the way she sleeps!  And snores.  What isn’t funny is her gaseous fumes she releases on us!  But, she has been a great addition to our family zoo!  For your enjoyment, a lovely picture of her and our Seven snuggled up together:

Seven and Scout

So, there you go – my Tuesday Truths this week.  Back to worrying about my DD and hoping her illness goes away quickly!

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

Today is Tuesday.  And in that, we can find some some truth.  I would like to share some truths I’ve realized today:

Tuesday Truth

First, others really can steal your joy, even from far away, if you let them.  And I let them.  I am currently at a teaching conference and really enjoying it.  I am in a nice hotel room in San Diego, right on the Marina, eating really good food and feeling excited about making changes to my classes.  But, I received an email about an issue that has nothing to do with what I’m doing here.  Something that was somewhat outside of my control, but is still within my realm of responsibility.  And more than the issue, was the way the message about the issue was delivered.  Backhanded insult.  Passive aggressive attack.  Something to highlight past mistakes instead of current successes.  And immediately, my mood changed.  I was no longer enjoying the conference, but instead was caught up in a defensive response and feeling less than adequate.  My joy was stolen by that email.  I didn’t speak to anyone.  I dealt with the issue as best I could.  I resolved myself to “fix everything and make it perfect” so that I would not have to ever deal with this passive aggressive attack again.  But, really, that isn’t possible.  Mistakes happen, especially when you are dealing with a pile of crap on a plate that is way to small.  So, I’m not going to be perfect.  Instead, I need to figure out how to not let these passive aggressive attacks steal my joy.  I have to figure out how to recognize that the insults are short lived and the amount of things I do are long lived.  I need to take the delivery and dismiss the insults while dealing with the issue.  But, it isn’t easy.  It is NOT easy.

Second, San Diego is beautiful.  If you’ve ever been to San Diego, you know this truth.  There is beauty everywhere one looks down here.  The water.  The weather. The architecture.  The art.  The boats.  The surrounding environment.  It really is gorgeous.  I think we’ll be coming back here for a family vacation at the end of summer.

Third, having a home town that I love.  I really look forward to going home.  I love my home town and it is so nice to love where you live and where I work.  Even if you don’t love everything about your job, being happy to be where you ARE in the world is important.

So, what’s your truths for today?

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truths

I’m jumping in with some Tuesday Truths this week.  Just tryin’ to keep it real…and truthful!

Tuesday Truth

My first truth this week is ANTIBIOTICS ARE AWESOME!  I woke up yesterday morning at 1 a.m. with a terrible pain in my throat.  Having gone many years in college getting strep throat multiple times a year, I recognized the feeling immediately.  I tried to ignore it thinking maybe it was allergies (they’ve been bad here), fell asleep again for a while, but woke at 3:30 a.m. with even worse pain.  At 4 a.m., I took a Tylenol and started planning my day with cancelling classes and office hours, going to the prompt care clinic and getting this taken care of ASAP.  With an immune-suppressed child (tonsilless thank goodness, I think that makes the strep less likely to take hold, but still) and a national travel trip with 15 students scheduled on Wednesday, I could take no chances.  I got up and started sending emails, dealing with planning, and as soon as I dropped my DD off at school, drove over to the prompt care clinic.  Within an hour, I had tested positive for strep, got a steroid to help with the inflammation and pain, and dropped off my prescription.  Within three hours, I had taken my first antibiotic in a 10 day, 3X a day protocol and settled in for a nap.  By the time I picked up my DD, the stabbing pain had turned to a dull ache.  I was still achy and exhausted, but felt much better already.  This morning, I woke up and am feeling GREAT!  So, yes, antibiotics are awesome!!!

My second truth is God is Good!  I know, I know.  It is a bit cliche.  But, I’ve seen Him working in my life in so many ways this year already.  Life is certainly not all smooth sailing, but His hand touches so many things in so many ways that I don’t always notice.  And this “season”, while starting out tough with news of surgery, financial concerns and job anxiety, has turned into so much goodness.  The surgery is on and I’m thankful that we are with an insurance that doesn’t question the pacemaker placement even though my DD has not been symptomatic (I read a thread online where multiple people had been told no).  I’m thankful I have a job that I can get people to cover for me and make adjustments where necessary when things like this surgery pop up.  I got a raise at my current job, where I would really prefer to stay, so I’ve decided not to apply for the other job (which was a stress in my life, mostly because of insurance concerns).  I also got a grant for revising a class that is going to be really exciting to work on next year.  And I’ve got ideas and plans and exciting possibilities for the coming years!  And I can see where God has had a hand in all those things.  So, I am feeling extremely thankful.

My last truth this Tuesday is travel is stressful.  I THINK I have all the logistics of this trip handled.  Luckily, my DH moved up his return flight today so he got back a couple of hours ago.  Originally, he was scheduled to arrive back home around Midnight and I was scheduled to leave at 3 a.m.  That’s stressful.  Today, he had a two hour delay.  If that would have happened tonight, I would have been a basket case.  So, much better.  I’ve got all the rental cars and we actually ended up with a truck, which will be much easier to fit all the luggage in (as long as it doesn’t rain, which it is projected to earlier in the night – but I will bring some big towels to throw down under luggage and hopefully it will suffice). One of the students was notified he has mono this afternoon, so I had to cancel him.  He was really upset and still wanted to go, but I told him if he put his body through the 3 a.m. departure, time change and long days of a tournament, he might not make it through the semester when he gets back. Mono can be rough and I think he isn’t feeling it right now, but he DEFINITELY would be if he went through this trip.  So, I said no.  So, now there are only 14 students going…but that is still the largest group I’ve ever flown with.  So, it is a bit stressful.  But, seems to be going okay so far.



Thankfulness Challenge, Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth – Thankfulness Challenge Edition

I have not done a Tuesday Truth post in a while, but I thought I would bring it back today.  Just to mix things up a bit on the blog.  I am going to combine it with a Thankfulness Challenge post just in case I don’t get back for another post later today.

Tuesday Truth

I have a couple of truths today.

pumpkin spice

My first truth is that coffee is the elixir of the gods.  For those who do not know what elixir means (I had to look it up to make sure I was using it correctly), according to Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary, it is: “a sweetened liquid usually containing alcohol that is used in medication either for its medicinal ingredients or as a flavoring”.  I am currently using Coffee Mate Pumpkin Spice creamer, so my coffee is definitely sweetened and although it doesn’t contain alcohol, it is definitely medicinal for me.  I am extremely thankful for coffee and the truth is, I have thought about giving it up, but it is one of my few serious vices.  So, I’m keeping it and I’m enjoying it.

Second, life is short.  Sometimes shorter than we would consider.  A colleague at my University (whom I did not know, but one of my students had as an instructor this semester) passed away yesterday.  She was younger than me.  This is somewhat jolting.  The reason for her death has not been disclosed yet, but someone that young passing away totally unexpectedly is always a shock to the system.  So, as we approach a new year, I am thankful for my life and my health and I hope that it last a good long while.


Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth – Anxiety vs. Reality

Today’s truth is a big one.  And one I need to be reminded of quite often:

Life is not as bad

They say anxiety runs in a family.  I’ve spoken before on the blog about my mom’s anxiety.  My husband also suffers from anxiety and has since he was little.  My daughter is definitely showing signs of it.  I don’t have much of an issue with anxiety, but every once in a while, I do work myself into a lather about one thing or another and convince myself that things are bad, bad, bad.  It often causes me to put off doing what I can about the situation, which, of course, only prolongs the suffering on my end.  But, over and over again, I’ve found that life is not really as bad as we can make it out to be in our minds.

I am someone who tends to the optimistic.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt until they give me reason not to and I try to envision that good things will happen rather than bad.  But, there are some times that I just get fixated on something being horrible.  Often it is something that has resulted from some procrastination on my part and I have just let it get bigger and bigger in my mind.  At some point, I start to believe that the worst is the only possible result.  When I finally get around to acting on those things, I often find that the reality is much different, and better, than I had produced in my mind.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that life is not nearly as bad as we can make it out to be in our minds.  In fact, it is often much, much better.  If I can keep that in mind at all times, I think I will let go of a lot of my procrastination.  And if I can model that behavior for my DD, perhaps she will be able to do the same.  Life is so much better when we do SOMETHING even if it isn’t perfect.  If we are waiting for perfection or postponing out of fear, we will end up missing out on things or causing ourselves worse problems.  I need to remember this truth when I’ve worked myself into a frenzy.

So, what’s your Tuesday Truth today?

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

Considering my “slow” goals over the weekend, my week has started out pretty darned busy.  Although, not overwhelmingly so.  Yet.  I do have a few Tuesday Truths to share this Tuesday.

Tuesday Truth

Simplicity and minimalism is not simple.  I’ve been watching some “Tiny House Nation” lately because I am fascinated by people’s desire and ability to live in a space that is the size of our living room.  My biggest question is WHERE IS ALL THEIR STUFF?  Why do I have so much stuff?  And why do I have such a hard time getting rid of said stuff.  I pick up things, look at them, ponder whether I should get rid of them or not…some are easy to toss in the give away box or the trash can, but most take a lot of emotional energy to do so.  And there is SO. SO. SO. much of it.  Where did it all come from?  I am sure that it gets easier as you pare down your stuff.  Upstairs, I have a bookcase in the hallway that was piled with books and other stuff.  I mean, it was full of books and then I had books piled up in front of the books.  And on top of the books were some photos in frames and some little trinkets, etc.

I cleaned it out last week.  And now there is open space.  Open.  Space.  It is crazy how much that makes me happy.  So, now I realize how great it would be to have that same feeling looking at other parts of our house.  My Sister-In-Law and I joked about our Mother-In-Law because when they cleaned out a cabinet at her house they found 13 salt and pepper shaker sets.  But, I need to joke about myself.  Today, I was going through some more books and found two hardback versions of the The Bonesetters Daughter (a book I have yet to read) and two paperback versions of Sarah’s Key (another book I have yet to read).  And that is in addition to a bunch of other books that I’ve been storing on my bookshelves that I know I will NEVER read.  So, now I have a pile of books to decide if I should take them to the used bookstore to try to sell them, list them online or just pile them in the thrift store box and be done with them.  That will take some time to figure out.

We are a messy family.  That’s the only way I can explain us.  And I can’t point my fingers at others with a halo over my head, because I am just as guilty a lot of the time.  I do a lot of cleaning.  But, I think the reason I have to clean so much is because we don’t do any maintenance.  I have piles everywhere.  Right now, sitting on the couch, I can look to my right and see a pile of receipts and ads from my purse that I took out to find something.  My DD’s key chain collection (which is all tied on to a single string).  A deck of Littlest Pet Shop cards we were playing with the other day and never got put away…to my left is the scary, scary dining room table.  This one is actually worth a photo:

dining room table - mess

So, yeah.  I got home from my mom’s a week ago tomorrow.  The ice chest is from that trip.  The cone is from the dog coming home from the vet today.  The black bag is my work bag.  The green bag is another bag from the trip that is empty, but hasn’t been put away.  The Amazon box came yesterday and I didn’t open it yet.  There is cleaner that was left out.  A Build A Bear that someone was playing with and the dog took from them and I put it on the table to keep it from becoming covered in slobber.  There are coloring books.  The papers from three (yes, three) purses that I cleaned out when moving them from one closet to another and/or getting rid of them.  The same thing happens in my car.  I will get it all cleaned out and within a week, there are piles of books, clothes, food wrappers, possibly food…it is RIDICULOUS!

So, I’m wondering.  Can we overcome this messiness?  This lack of care and concern for our space and our things?  Because we are all the same.  It isn’t just one of us. It is all of us.  So, here is my take on things:

  • We have too. much. stuff.  There is not a place for everything because…well, there is literally not a place for everything.  So, decluttering will help.  BUT…
  • We are also lazy.  I can’t think of another word for it.  When it is easier to LEAVE something than to pick it up and take it back where it belongs, it gets LEFT.
  • Finally, we are pilers.  We love to pile things up to be dealt with “later”.  Unfortunately, later often comes far too late…

So, there you have it.  No solution.  Just the truth.  I am hoping that decluttering will be helpful.  Doing away with laziness is a little more difficult, but if we can just have a place for everything than we can maybe we can pressure ourselves to actually put things back where they belong.  And the piles.  Well, pilers pile.  But, we’ll pile less if we have places to put things.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

So, those are my two BRILLIANT truths for today (sarcasm aside).  What are your truths on this Tuesday?

Tuesday Truth

Tuesday Truth

The truth is out there…this much I know, thanks to X-Files.

Tuesday Truth

Today is relatively relaxing day.  I volunteered at Vacation Bible School this morning (in the nursery, which is really pretty easy), had a meeting with a colleague over coffee for the hour before DD was done at VBS and then we came home.  She ate lunch and then the neighbor kids came over and they’ve been playing ever since.  So, I’ve been playing catch up on email, housework and other stuff.  But, I’m feeling like I SHOULD be doing something more.  I guess that is my own problem.

My first truth today is that having a neighborhood full of kids is both good and bad.  Good in the way that its happening today – they allow my DD to stay entertained without me having to work at it.  Bad in the way that it happened yesterday – a load of kids come over, eat my snack food, drink my apple juice boxes and make a mess of my DD’s room and then leave.  So, today they “pinky swore” (my DD’s words) that they would help clean up whatever mess they made.  And they’ve only asked for water so far.  I love knowing where my DD is and being a host to other kids, but sometimes it can be too much. Yesterday was one of those days.  Today is better.  So far.  It could still get worse though.  We’ll see.

Second truth, my husband was right.  I am an old lady in my television viewing.  I’ve mentioned before about my Murder She Wrote obsession.  I also love Matlock and Diagnosis Murder (thank you Hallmark Channels).  At my mom’s recently, I rediscovered The Love BoatGolden Girls.  I love them all.  I try to watch newer television, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal to me (although, I am DVRing Aquarius because of my love of X-Files and David Duchovny, despite the whole sex addict thing – I am hoping I like it).  So, yeah, my TV viewing would totally work in a retirement home.  Oh well.  I’ll live with it.

The last truth is that summers here are hot!  We’ve been lucky so far but this week we’re going to hit over 100 and a little north of us it is predicted to hit 111!  Ugh.  Today was only 98 and it was hot enough.  Tomorrow at VBS is water day, so my DD will be cooling off in the park during the a.m.  She had a bit of a meltdown tonight, so we talked about taking rests in the afternoon and coming in earlier at night.  Hopefully, it sticks.  It is hard to be six and want to hang with the other kids in the neighborhood.  But, I’m pretty sure none of them get up at 6:30 – 7:00 a.m., which is what she does, so she is fully exhausted a little earlier than they are (although, I’m pretty sure the other 6 yo was also pretty exhausted by 8 p.m. when I made her come in – he was in a mood).  So, we’ll try again tomorrow.  I want her to learn WHY I want her to do things, so this seemed like a safe way to learn a lesson.  Hopefully, it was learned.  We were supposed to go see Inside, Out today with a friend and her daughter, but her daughter has 103 fever and cough, so that was a no go.  Hoping her daughter gets to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than being sick in the summer time!

That’s it – what are your truths on this Tuesday?