#BloggersSecretSanta: The Wondrous Life of Allie M

Merry Christmas everyone!  Today, I’m doing something a little bit different on this little blog o’ mine and I am introducing you to another blogger that I hope you will visit and show some support!  I am doing this as a participant in Teenella’s Blogger Secret Santa program, which was such a fun and supportive idea!  So, let me tell you something about Allie M and her Wondrous Life! 


The Wondrous Life has only been around since February of this year, but she has been consistently sending good stuff out into the world (something I could definitely be better at).  Allie is a writer. Her first post on February 11 of this year is a good introduction to her.  She is a mixture of backgrounds, has a mixture of interests and she is a teenager!  Although I don’t share an age range with her, I do share a lot of the same interests.  And as a college instructor, it is nice to read some of the inner thoughts of someone in my students’ age range.

One of my favorite posts of hers is early in the blog – What Music Is To Me.  Along with her blog writing, Allie also writes songs!  This one talks about why music is important to her, but it also shares a hilarious story about standing up for herself when things were tough and also some lovely song lyrics she wrote (and her friend helped her with).  I love that someone so young has such a love for words and their power.  And she is incredibly brave in sharing her work in such a public way.  She not only writes lyrics, but also short stories and even a book she is working on, from which she shared an excerpt in July.

But, she doesn’t only write, she also cooks!  She shares recipes every once in a while and often they are desserts.  She has cookie recipes, cake recipes and even an Indonesian burger recipe!  Recently, I’ve been loving her Christmas quotes!

I am so glad that I was able to participate in this blogger Secret Santa event and I’m really glad I got assigned The Wondrous World of Allie M.  I look forward to following her blog and enjoying her development as a writer and a person.  I hope she continues to share her words and life experiences through the blog.  High school was a rough time for me in a lot of ways and I love that people like Allie are willing to share their lives, both good and bad, with others.  Being able to identify with others, find support from others, and read meaningful and supportive words is so important.  Thanks Allie M for being willing to share.  Please continue to do so!

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Joining Six Word Saturday this week over at Show My Face.

All grown up.  What to be?

Summers are for reflection for me.  The rest of the year I tend to be so busy that I don’t have a ton of time to think about “things” or reflect on what I’m doing with my life and whether it is what I should be doing with my life or not.  I make all sorts of plans and read all kinds of self-improvement blogs and such and then the school year starts and I’m incapable of remembering my name let alone remembering what I am supposed to be doing to make myself a better person.

I love what I do.  I love teaching.  I even love coaching Speech and Debate most of the time.  But, I also love to write and speak to people outside of my classroom.  And I would love to actually make money doing those things (writing and speaking), but it is tough to figure out whether that is just a far-off dream that I am unwilling to commit to enough to be successful or whether it is that “call” that each of us has inside for what we are truly meant to do/be.

So, summer down time is here and my heart is able to wonder…what to be?


Why Write?

I’ve asked that a few times.  That question is the reason my blog goes to the bottom of my list every time I get busy.  I don’t typically have a great reason for it.  I love the community that blogging creates.  I love that I see people “like” and comment on my posts over and over again and I feel like I’m reaching someone.  But, even minus that, I like to write.  I like the thought process.  I enjoy the result.  And this morning, I found this Medium article and it explained and justified and encouraged.

Although I would like to think that I will become one of those “famous” bloggers whose work is read by tons of people and whose faces you see all over the web and even on TV, I don’t write for that reason.  I write because I feel a desire to write.  I feel a desire to connect…with others, but more so with myself.

Lately, my biggest struggle is figuring out WHAT to write about.  And much of that has been driven by my feeling of a need to “brand” my work.  To have a purpose and a focus.  But, when I read this in the article, it made so much more sense:

“Elizabeth Gilbert discusses the concept of ‘creative entitlement’ in her brilliant book, Big Magic. In short, your own reasons to create are reason enough. Do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations. Create whatever causes you to feel alive. The rest will take care of itself.”

Yes…that.  Follow my fascinations (and they are many and often disconnected).  Do what brings me life.  Create what causes ME to feel alive.  It is like validation for my lack of focus and my love of random prompt memes.

And although my readership has increased quite a bit over the past year or so (thanks to those still following despite my irregular posts and especially thanks to those who take the time to click like or, even better, leave a comment), that isn’t what really matters in the end:

“Retweets, favourites and shares are arbitrary and the wrong reasons to create. This is your work, not an overly-filtered selfie. You should be doing it because you love it. When you look back on your writing in 5, 10, 15 years’ time, you won’t be obsessing over page views, you’ll just be glad you did it. Trust me.”

So, for all of you out there like me, wondering why you’re writing or for whom or letting your writing go to the bottom of the priority list because it isn’t “productive” work, remember that you can be writing for YOU and make it a priority because it is something you love.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Bloggy Edition

“Missing blogging – much to say.  Write.”

I have not been blogging.  I was doing well for a while with keeping up with it, but once I feel off the bloggy boat so-to-speak, I had a hard time climbing back on board.  I have a number of drafts I have started since my last post, but I can’t seem to finish them to my liking.  Part of it is, I think, my own lack of commitment.  I would like to blog, but I am not committed to it.  I have a lot to say, but I am not committed to saying it here.  I would like to write, but I am not committed to doing it on a regular basis.  Blogging always seems to go to the bottom of the to-do list (and sometimes even falls completely off of the list).

I have a lot of excuses.  Some of them good.  Some of them bad.  None of them are really sufficient for excusing me from writing here at all though.  I could have written.  If I had it prioritized, I would find the time and energy and topics.  But, I don’t have it prioritized.  So, I’m going to try to do that going forward.  I’m going to try to keep the writing at the top of my list.  Wait – I want to keep the POSTING at the top of my list.  No more drafts.  I will finish what I start and I will post it for all to see.  It may not be great every time, but it will be done and posted.

I am tired.  I have a long list of to-dos.  I have things to do around the house and things to do for work.  But, there is no reason why I can’t write something here everyday or so.  Something interesting, something compelling and something COMPLETE.

So, there is my six words for this Saturday.  What are yours?